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Sivak [Blood elf noble/durgenswarn]
Changes highlighted in green.

'''Player:''' aroes

'''Character Full Name:''' Sivak Sunfire

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Sivak

'''Nickname(s):''' Siv

'''Association(s):''' The Scryers, Balathagos

'''Race:''' [[Blood Elf]]

'''Class:''' [[Mage]] / Blue Dragonsworn

'''Age:''' 244

'''Sex:''' Male.

'''Hair:''' Platinum Blonde

'''Eyes:''' Green

'''Weight:''' 145 pounds

'''Height:''' 6'0

Mind over Matter: Having not really delved into a particular subschool of evocation, most of his magical attacks concentrate on dealing physical impact damage.

Transmutation/Conjuration Specialization: Given the nature of both his interests and work, most of his knowledge of spells focuses on changing the physical states of things or even simply pulling them out of thin air. Wood into iron or steel into slag for example. These spells are, of course, very taxing on the user.

Privy To Secrets: Sivak might gain access to knowledge of new spells or the secrets of history purely at the discretion of his patron dragon.

French Harp: He is able to play the harmonica with reasonable proficiency.

Sivak generally wears simple traveling robes of a blue color that are more for comfort than look. He also carries a steel staff fitted with a blue orb that is mostly used to channel his magic, or for defense as a last resort.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Sivak is somewhat of a pacifist, always preferring to solve problems with diplomacy rather than outright violence. Of course though, he knows that fighting is inevitable in certain cases and will not hesitate to act should those circumstances present themselves. As a person he is so carefree that people have mistaken him for being on some sort of psychedelic substance. His trusting nature and willingness to help have made sure to get him in trouble more than once, it has lessened to a degree or so but these traits are still quite present. Sivak also displays the characteristic Blood Elven arrogance to those that speak to him blatantly as a lesser being, it isn't just a front though as he is quite the patriot.

Sivak was born in Suncrown village in what is now the Ghostlands. He was the youngest of two, the rest of his siblings (to his knowledge) had been killed at this point. The family was one of simple means and little money. For his own good, at the age of five Sivak was dropped off at an orphanage. Although at the time he was in a state of distress from being given up, later in life he'd realize that it actually -was- for the better. His childhood at the orphanage, for the most part, was filled with many good times with friends. The orphanage became a very boring place around age 14 due to the fact that many of his friends had come of age and left already, so he sat around bored all the time wondering what he was going to do with his life.

As the few remaining years he had at the orphanage passed, he was drawn to the prospect of magic because of the seemingly limitless possibilities it had at the time. On the day he turned 18, he marched right down to the academy of Silvermoon and applied for admittance. He used the money he had saved up by doing odd jobs in his childhood to rent a tiny apartment and took out loans to afford the magical academy. During his basic classes it became apparent that he really wasn't that good at conjuring fire, but did excel in other schools such as conjuration and transmutation.

He spent the next two decades at the academy, honing his magics for the purposes of creation rather than destruction. Most of his time upon completion of his apprenticeship was spent working as a researcher dealing with the subjects of the arcane on living organisms, in this case it was plants. Many a peaceful evening were spent in the hanging gardens conducting various experiments.

It was around this time that his elder sister retrieved him due to the fact Sivak was one of her only remaining full-blood relatives. He adapted slowly to the life of formalities and false smiles that were common among the noble houses. As his studies grew harder, he tended to be at home less and less. Sivak did make sure to both write letters and chat through a scrying bowl frequently in order to keep up on current events.

A century or so passed and the first of the great wars plagued the lower nations of the Eastern Kingdoms. The first two conflicts passed by with little concern to Sivak, never having been one for fighting. The Third War would lead to his first major failure in life that still haunts him. With the genocidal charge conducted by the Scourge through Quel'thalas and the destruction of the Sunwell, it soon became apparent that a new fuel was needed to supply the elves the steady stream of arcane they were all so addicted to. Sivak worked in parallel to the warlocks in an attempt to create a lasting power source using arcane magic rather than pure fel. Due to the tendencies of mana crystals to be unstable though, this was never able to work and he was forced to admit defeat...draining foul fel magics or becoming a mana-starved husk of a being.

Whether rational or not, the fact that he failed to prevent his race from turning to demonic magics for their addiction constantly eats away in the back of his mind. For a brief time after this failure, combined with the shock that most of his race was dead, Sivak fell into a depression. His research into mana crystal based magics continued for a few years until the coming of the Burning Crusade, during which time he journeyed to Outland hoping to discover some archaic secret that would redeem his failure with success.

His weary mind was granted peace within the walls of Shattrath, where the presence of the Light radiated an all powerful calming aura. During his time there, Sivak assisted the Scryers with many of their legitimate endeavors and in his off-time often went to the Lower City to help with the broken objects the refugees possess, usually mended with a simple spell. Only recently has he returned to Azeroth, the aura of Shattrath still calms his mind. Sivak currently wanders Azeroth simply to learn all he can.

After a brief stint with the Argent Crusade and his shocking introduction to Balathagos. Sivak traveled both Northrend and Outland with Riael Wyrmsinger for many weeks performing various tasks and conducting various experiments for their patron dragon.

Sivak was recuperating at Wyrmrest from injuries obtained in a fight with a magnataur when Deathwing decided to break through the elemental plane of Earth and back into Azeroth. The signs at the temple left no doubt that something quite terrible had happened. Quakes rocked the foundation even at the roof of the world and an ominous feeling could be felt in the subconscious. When the quakes stopped and things seemed to calm, Balathagos sent him off to see just what the heck had happened.
[[Category:Character]] [[Category:Blood Elf]] [[Category:Mage]]
I think my favorite part of this rewrite is the harmonica skill. ;3

[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
Second Approval (2/2)

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