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Skirata - Dwarven Warrior
Player: Micheru

Character Full Name: Goran Skirata

Character In-Game Name: Skirata

Thelsamar (Resident)
The Golden March Mercenaries (Retired)
Ironforge Bear Cavalry (Semi-Retired)
Ironforge Mountaineers (Retired)

Race: Dwarven

Class: Bear Cavalier

Skills and Abilities:
Mining and Forging - Expert
Axe and Sword combat
Mounted Combat - Rifle
Expert Riding - Bear
Animal Taming

Age: 175

Sex: Male

Hair: Lots of it! Red with traces of gray.

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 210 lbs

Height: 4'5

Usual Garments/Armor:
Casual clothing: tunic and trousers, black boots.
Service clothing: Golden plated iron armor.

Always wears his trusty hat.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Skirata can be a mouthy old codger, always expressing his opinion when he considers it to matter. However, he's generally kind, if through a facade of a grumpy old dwarf. He protects his people, and will often show kindness to strangers, even if he's wary of them.

And boy, is he wary. Growing up in a small community has made him insular in many ways. He's polite, but always watching.

Skirata's biological parents were traveling traders, and he was barely a boy when they passed. Their caravan was stopped at a trade post, when bandits struck. The marauding Humans struck the trade post, killing everyone. Skirata's parents were able to hide him in a secret compartment of their wagon before falling before the bandits as well. He came out hours later, to survey the burning wreckage before him.

Having no survival skills, it was a miracle that he didn't die in the week he stayed there, scavenging what he could to survive. Little did he know that the bandits had also struck a village to the north, and other nearby villages had begun to get nervous. Mercenaries were called in. And so roughly a week later, a band of mercenaries arrived wearing golden armor. The leader of the band was a Dwarf named Dakhan Skirata, and he was leading the group through to the north with bandit killing in mind. However, when the boy strode out onto the rode to face them, holding only a sharpened stick and demanding their money, his heart swelled.

Dakhan took the boy in and adopted him, giving him his own last name and trained him to be his apprentice. Skirata grew up on the battlefield, serving first as a runner; delivering messages between the various squads of the Golden March. And when he got some muscle on him, and learned to hold an axe, he became his new father's squire; lugging gear across treacherous landscapes.

Eventually, the contracts started trickling out, and Dakhan and Goran returned to Thelsamar village, where Dakhan had grown up. The war chest the Skirata family had saved up over the years was a large one, and the family never wanted for anything, making charitable donations to the town when it was in need. Eventually Goran grew into a young man, and the Mountaineers came recruiting. He signed on, to help his King and country.

His years as a Mountaineer were tough, and they saw him through many trials. But Skirata was strong, and he surpassed expectations, eventually being recruited into the Ironforge experimental Bear Cavalry team. He served with the Cavalry for years, riding out against the Scourge when it came to Azeroth with his compatriots, helping save territories and defend the Dwarven and Human borders.

However, during a battle against the legions of the dead, he came up against a mounted Death Knight. The two clashed atop their respective steeds, until Skirata's bear drew it's final breath. Surviving the tumble from it's back, Goran swore revenge and managed to fight the Knight to a stand still. However, it's minions came swarming in, and Goran gave up hope; only to be pulled out of the fray by one of his fellow Cavaliers.

He returned home wounded, with an injured knee that refused to heal. He resigned from active duty, but continued helping with training and the rearing of their mounts. He took up mining and smithing to fill his time, and his work received rave reviews with a number of shops that he has sold to. On a trek one day, he found an orphaned toddler, the only survivor of a Worgen attack. He took him home and raised him as his own. The boy grew strong and eventually went on to join Skirata's old unit.
Cayce Northend - Druid of the Cenarion Circle
Micheru Bloodrune - Moonglade Ranger / Vagabond
Gratua Daggermouth - Walking the path of Lo'gosh
Medrit Brightwind - Wandering Swordsmaster

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