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Skype RP Group, LFM/LFI
Looking For Members, Looking For Interest.

See, I've not been so successful at keeping people interested in most of the RPs I've attempted to start. I'm not really sure why that is, but I've isolated a few options. Such as the worlds being too foreign and the setting itself being new so people stumble and fall into roles that become awkward in the group, creating a poor dynamic. That, and it's difficult for me to level with what the players do and do not know in a world of my own creation, where you're expected to have some basic working knowledge of how things work before you can feel safe and confident in portraying your character vividly.

I focus more on the roleplaying aspect than the system itself, too. Mostly, I build character sheets to represent rather than restrict and give my players a lot of freedom which probably feels awkward since there are no clear limits or rules.

I still intend on running with that sort of loose system, because it feels better for me as a DM.

However, I want to fall back on a campaign I'm intimately familiar with. It was the first world I ever DMed in, a world of my own creation, and the adventure itself is easy to enter yourself into simply because the place you go to in the beginning is new to you, and your character. You're thrown into a world you and your character will have to discover together and get to know.

... I want to see if people would be interested in playing it, though. I'm not sure how many players I'm looking for at present, but I know I'm looking for people who can maintain a sort of consistent presence and be upfront with me if they're losing interest, or give me suggestions for how I can liven it up for you and make it more interestin.

The game will likely run on saturdays with casual sessions inbetween that go on a "if people are present" policy.

The setting is Fantasy with Medieval elements, some presence of gunpowder (muskets, cannons and fireworks though no handheld firearms) but no presence of usable magic.

... So, uh. Thoughts?
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I would definitely be interested but sadly your times and mine are a bit off. :/ Work tends to hinder my ability to do much. In a couple of weeks hopefully I'll be having all early shifts but in the foreseeable future, I work into my evenings.

This certainly sounds interesting and something I'd like to look into when time is a bit more on my side(if ever :/)!
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Oh, oh, if it works with my times, I'd love to join indeed.

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
I am interested.
Speaking of times, I'd probably run around noon, Server Time. Which is late for myself and other Europeans, but it works best for me. Just to put that out there.
I am interested but I have two sessions going on, I'd hate to overwhelm myself. :(

If you ever -need- someone, poke me!
You have my interest!
And my sword.
"Do not be fooled if you hear laughter, or happen upon a smile. There is no happiness or merriment here."
Also need to mention that it's not "First come, first serve". I'll just do my best to piece together a group that has the best chance of working. I think I'll try to add people into it that don't necessarily have so much experience with eachother (or me as a DM) just because new people are nice. Gives you something new to work with. That said, feel free to pitch in your interest even if you play with me often. Might need one or two veterans to stabilize with, hehe.
I'll be bumping this to see if there's any more interest. I can probably afford to take on a couple more players to keep an active and flexible group.

For your information: We'll be running on Sundays, though the actual time of day is yet to be determined. My schedule is flexible.
Scratching at the bottom of the barrel eh?

Alright, well.. since you're down here. o/
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See life through shades of silver.
Overwhelming yourself with work. That's what I say.
Poke me on Skype when you've the time, Ural, if you want in. :3

If anyone else is interest, please do the same. I'll welcome any interest.

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