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Small question about the new adult system.
I heard all races are adult at the age of 18 now.. I wonder why this is done, Because it does not really make sense to me.

So thats why I am posting this:O
Link to thread explaining all this! :D
After reading the topic I'm confused even more actually. I mean okay so we don't know for sure because warcaft lore has more plotholes than Cynthia Rothrock movies [all together...] and gives us to some questions no answer and multiple different answers to other.

So anyway does it mean that CotH now decided to go with system of same physical maturity for same races [though the mental maturity clearly varies, I like this system actually as honestly race that would poop into their diappers for hundreds years would never survived and evoled]

So anyway if I get the new rules right it's fine to play 20 years old Draenei?
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(09-16-2011, 03:57 PM)Wendigo Wrote: I like this system actually as honestly race that would poop into their diappers for hundreds years would never survived and evolved

Actually, this is actually what separates people from other species. We have a comparable difference in childhood (hence the term 'dog years'), which is how humanity developed their brains for the tasks we take for granted. Where the new system would make sense is to say that all races have the same mental capacity due to equivalent brain development between them.
Well I do think that elves have a similar mental capacity (which is only furthered by wisdom and experience); however the age of Draenei would irk me (their mental capacities far surpass human ones) and so would the gnome one (likewise, gnomes are likely to have much more intelligence, so to speak).

But I'm fine with that system, better than retail lol!

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Have you hugged a dwarf today?
Makes more sense than being 100 years old and a baby.

And about youngsters, I'm pretty sure it's completily allowed to play, I've seen 18-25 years old blood elves and night elves, just keep in mind a 20 years old Draenei will never be as skilled as an older one.
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I shall explain it to you.
Simply put, the new adult system explains that all races achieve more or less (which means a matter of days or months) the same amount of experience by the age of eighteen(18 ). Same goes with physical evolution.
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An 18-year-old night elf is the equal to an 18-year-old human.
This, of course, is not to say that an 18-year-old night elf is equal to another Nelf +2000 years if age. The age thing is just an objective fact on the server- everyone's more or less equal at that age, physically. But culturally, its a whole other matter.

On my phone or I'd make a fancy link, but... Y'know.
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