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So I'm back, sort of.
Some of you, not many, might remember that my PC broke down recently and as a result I've been gone.

A bit sad, since I had been thinking about RPing again and I still am. However, the backup PC I'm using has an amazing graphics card from 1998 with 0.0 bytes of dedicated VRAM and an inability to render 3D, so I guess booting up WoW is strictly out of the question unless I want it to burn, which I kinda do.

In any case, with this PC I can at least (barely) browse the forums again while I try to fix my normal computer, and its issues are just getting weirder and weirder, making all attempts to fix it so far end in futility.

But whatever, good to be back. What'd I miss?
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(If you can't watch video's, Cataclysm has come.)
Welcome back!
"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

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I can watch videos buuuuut, the PC has no sound card. At all. So I don't have any sound. Yes, it's that great.

I know this is an office computer, but come the **** on.
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Cata's around the corner, mate. Finally. :3

And welcome back! I feel your pain with the computer.
Well, the PC I have now can at least run Skype. It's horrible having your computer bust when you keep contact with most of your friends through it. You feel isolated and isolation turns into depression.
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Turns out it was the graphics card that had been burned out. I switched it to an inferior, but okay, spare. so with other words, I'm back in action and I've been thinking about testing the waters in the server again.
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*steeples fingers*
Told ya it was most likely the graphics card. :p
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△Move along.△


Glad to see you back.
Mika Mistwalker
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It didn't make any sense, though, since the BIOS beep code told of a memory error. Although after switching graphics cards, it seems as though my computer is built in some weird way that integrates the graphics card with my normal RAM. My dedicated VRAM is a lot higher than the graphics card is capable of and it was the same with the old one. I suppose that if they were integrated so close together, the failing graphics card could have caused a false positive. I don't know, I'm not that good at this stuff,
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