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Soae Nightharrow [Night Elf Priest]
Player: Nightharrow

Character Full Name: Soae Nightharrow

Character In-Game Name: Soae (Sway)


Association(s): Kaldorei, Sisterhood of Elune, Darnassus, Alliance, Aldor

Race: Night Elf

Class: Priest

Skills and Abilities:

"Charged with the safekeeping of the night elf lands and armed with magical energy bows - the Priestesses will stop at nothing to rid their ancient land of evil."

Arrow of Elune: Smite
Bow of Searing Arrows: Holy Fire

Age: 1,160

Sex: Female

Hair: Teal

Eyes: Silver

Weight: 225 lbs

Height: 6'8

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: Soae is tall and full figured, with light skin and long thick hair. She has large angled eyes and a narrow nose that balances out a full mouth.

She usually wears jewelry of moonstones along the ridge of ears and in the braids of her hair. She also wears a moonstone stud in her left nostril.

Usual Garments/Armor: Pastel gowns decorated with silver and gold leaves and feathers reflect Soae's station as a priestess of Elune. Her battle armor is a luminescent robe, reinforced with teardrops of moonstones and silver.

Weapons: Priestess Nightharrow possesses a silver crescent moon staff and a silver dagger.

Personality: Fiercely loyal to her people and slightly xenophobic, Soae is slow to warm up to outsiders. While she is compassionate and brave she is cautious of acting impulsively. Wisdom from age has slowed quick reactions out of anger and rarely does she support a poorly thought out attack. The same can be said when she is approached for guidance. She prefers to meditate before making decisions, often praying to Elune for direction before acting.

History: Soae was born the only child to a sentinel and a druid during the time of the Long Vigil. Duty kept her parents apart, but even when her father was home they were rarely together. The relationship between the couple was at best, distant. Her mother had survived the War of the Ancients and time had made her frigid. Despite being eternal, their love was hardly amorous.

The decision to conceive was made only after centuries of debate; and when Soae was born her father was in the Emerald Dream. In his absence she was raised by a small community of sentinels and priestesses. As a child she practiced the divine gifts of the lunar goddess and observed the Sisterhood of Elune's day to day affairs. As an adolescent, she was gifted in the healing arts and a fledgling diplomat. By young adulthood she had matured into an aristocratic and pious priestess.

At the time of the War of the Shifting Sands, Soae's parents were dispatched to Silithus and she was ordered to stay in their village. That war claimed the life of her mother and she met her father for the first time at the memorial for the fallen. The meeting was bittersweet and short lived. After he returned to the Emerald Dream, Soae traveled to a small village on the outskirts of Azshara and Ashenvale. As an emissary of the temple she assisted the sentinels with keeping watch over that portion of the forest. She honed her combat skills against the satyr threat and eventually the naga.

When then call was sounded to defend Kalimdor during the Third War, Soae fought alongside her order. Towards the end of the war when their numbers were spread thin, she was stationed with a unit of mortals. It was her first interaction with humans and she was not impressed. When the World Tree was lost, she supported Staghelm's decision to create Teldrassil.

She was eager to take residence in the new city of Darnassus and assist her people in adjusting to their mortality. Faithful to the Kaldorei, Soae remained at the capital when others from her order crossed the Dark Portal into Outland. It was not until she was directed to accompany an assembly of druids going to Zangarmarsh that she was directly involved in the conflict in Outland. Her time in the swamp was purposeful and opened her eyes to worlds outside of her own. And after many of her people left Outland to fight in Northrend she continued to aid the draenei and kurenai of Orebor Harborage.

During her time with them she focused on becoming closer to Elune by studying their altruistic doctrines. Eventually curiosity caused her to seek out the Sha'tar in Shattrath City. She aligned herself with the Aldor and slowly her xenophobia softened.

It is only recently that Soae has returned to Azeroth, ready to follow the sisterhood against Deathwing.
Very well-written. Good work.

However, there is one thing - I'm afraid we can't have priestesses with a physical bow/armor. But, there is a compromise. Namely, saying that her Smite spell simply is an arrow of Elune's light, shot out of a bow made up of the same. You could even go so far as to mold Holy Fire into the Priestesses of the Moon's signature Searing Arrows, etc.

Either way, that's the only bit that needs altering. While it's incongruent with the Lore, and I'm perfectly aware of that, dem's-de-rules, as it were.

[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
Sounds great to me. Adjusted weapons/armor and abilities.
Could you combine some of the paragraphs so they are roughly 4-5 lines each instead of 1-2 in the history? Also, could you remove, "(Only necessary if there are any abnormal/notable skills/abilities for the character's class)" from the skills and abilities section?

Initial approval!
Certainly. :)
Approved [Pending Gruntship]!

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