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Sol Sez: Post-Cata Projects!

My schedule at the moment is still heavily bogged down with coursework and exams, but my semester finishes for summer break in five weeks and I have some big plans in store.

Going to use this post to announce and document the major projects I'll be undertaking post-Cata. Most of them will be guilds at their core, but more generally will be endeavours in generating events and roleplay across the board. They each represent a concept I'd like to explore and a kind of RP I'd like to create, and they each have their own goals and agendas that I'd eventually like to achieve with them.

These three have been planned out way in advance and have garnered some interest already, but this marks their formal announcement. Without further ado and in no particular order, I bring you . . .

<The Dreadmarch>
What? The revised, reorganised and reconstituted incarnation of the Black Harvest. SHOCK. HORROR. Reflecting recent developments, the guild will be undergoing some major changes, the least of which is the name. After over a year of fighting as an underdog militia, they will be reforming under official banners as a paramilitary arm of Her Majesty's Deathguard, undertaking the missions too unorthodox to commit regular troops to.

Who? Loyalist Forsaken and other characters aligned to the Undercity, primarily, including anyone who was previously a member of the Black Harvest. IC, we will be more picky about who we recruit and more exacting with standards of discipline to reflect the increasingly militarised and nationalistic nature of the Forsaken state.

Where? We will primarily be based in the northern Eastern Kingdoms, although our roleplay might occasionally send us on excursions and missions further afield.

Why? Quite simply, the Forsaken get up to a lot of cool stuff in Cataclysm and there's a whole host of extraordinarily interesting plot threads to pursue and explore. Black Harvest was an amazing success the first time around and I'm sure a couple of you might agree when I say that I'd hate to let that go. I'm confident that we can still pull off some awesome things.

How? The Dreadmarch will structure itself around storyline-driven event chains, featuring a (hopefully interesting) admixture of combat and warfare, stealth and intrigue, politics and culture that moves things forward in a coherent arc. At the moment, I have notes for a single epic storyline with many subplots going through ten zones and almost as many months.

When? I plan to get the ball rolling very shortly after the Cataclysm hits!

<The Far Marks>
What? A ragtag privateer crew in the service of the Crown of Gilneas with an exploratory agenda, determined to chart the coast of Kalimdor, solve the mysteries of the sea, disrupt Horde shipping operations and claim as many bounties and glories for the Alliance as they can fit in the hold. Slowly but surely, this waterlogged collection of outcasts and stowaways will forge bonds of brotherhood and write their names into legend.

Who? Worgen and humans, mostly from Gilneas, alongside a couple of sympathetic kaldorei should do the trick. The theme of the day is 'ragtag bunch of misfits'.

Where? Our main RP hub will be one of the ship locations, which IC will be our boat, forever travelling from place to place across the length and breadth of Azeroth. Frequently we'll go portside or make landward expeditions, and we might even take a few trips down beneath the waves.

Why? Because I have an earnest and endearing love for the mythology surrounding the Age of Sail; the bounty, the plunder, the grave perils and high adventures, the struggle and triumph over adveristy.

Alternatively, imagine how cool Firefly would be if Serenity was made out of wood and everyone was a freakin' werewolf.

How? Most of our RP will strive to emulate shipboard life, so there'll be a lot of social roleplay peppered with mini-events and little crises – gambling and drunken tomfoolery might factor in, too. :P I plan to run regular events featuring our exploratory adventures as well.

When? Probably won't get this ball rolling until we've had a month to settle into Cataclysm and my other projects are progressing nicely.

<A Hollow Hearth>
What?: Two dwarven clans – once the closest of allies, bound by a common ancestor and common history, but since torn apart by civil war, old rivalries and festering hatreds – are forced back into each other's arms out of desperation and political expediency when the Council of Three Hammers is formed. Once mortal enemies, after centuries apart, the clans must resolve their ancient disputes and settle old scores once and for all if they hope to survive.

Who? Dwarven nobles and their households. Yep, dwarven nobles. You heard me. Both of these clans – Clan Goldenhearth of the Bronzebeards and Clan Deephollow of the Dark Irons – will be thanely families of high birth and high honour, although the former has been withering at the branch for centuries and the latter has recently been ejected from Shadowforge City by civil war.

Where? Khaz Modan.

Why? Because dwarves are awesome and underplayed and they get some cool lore in Cata, and because noble/political roleplay is awesome when it's done right.

How? Probably based around social RP full of intrigue and scheming, with duels and contests, expeditions and challenges all over the place. (Think the Dwarf Noble origin from Dragon Age, if you need a shorthand. No, I wasn't inspired.)

When? Whenever people want to play their clan characters, and as soon as we get our family trees drafted up.

All of these projects are open and recruiting!

Much love,
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[Image: djuraz.jpg]
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  • Aethon, CappnRob

Please post here if you're expressing an interest and drop some contact information my way if you want in on any of these.

Don't hesitate, please, to post if you have any questions or ideas pertaining to these projects!
I'd love to interact with the latter two. I'm gonna have the Bloodpaw (lead by a revised worgen Jonoth) and the bear brigade Regiment active for cata, so hit me up and we can brainstorm some ideas.
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If I ever get Grenzi's Crew up and running, it'd be fun to have some encounters between the two privateer guilds.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
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Sol you know how to contact me. I express my interest for Dwarves before all others!
Gildur Deephollow Wrote:Ye have me runed hide!

I also have loose plans for a Kul Tirasian battlemage (read: bladesinger) from Tol Barad who is also an accomplished arcane sailor.

As for the Dreadmarch... in Cataclysm there's a certain wacky forsaken doctor who will have made sinister progress.
(02-24-2012, 10:15 AM)Piroska Wrote: Conspiracy. That's all it is; Kret's afraid that your pure, digital awesomeness would crash the server if it were allowed.
(06-14-2013, 05:42 PM)McKnighter Wrote: Bovel, Lord of Beards

Character About Involvement
Causticity Blackbreath Goblin Alchemist -
Telaah Draenei Anchorite Writings of an Anchorite

[Image: kiXJxhI.gif]
None shall halt the Dark Lady's progress. :|
Frogspawned: Frogspawned flips a table.
Frogspawned: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Frogspawned: ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)
Voted Dreadmarch for reasons obvious, but Far Marks is my runner up.
Reposting this here so it doesn't get lost -- the first entry detailing the histories of Clans Goldenhearth and Deephollow. Third project, of course.

Expect the staggered release of a whole stack of IC and OOC material on all these over the next few weeks.
Some news on the Dreadmarch front.

And after a two month pause and a mild drought of ideas, another of my major pre-Cata projects has come to a close. Hope you enjoyed it!

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