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Something that may help!
Hi, you can call me Blingalot. For I bling quite a good bit. I'm not here to talk about that, however, I'm here to talk about something I found on a previous server which may help people achieve realistic ambiance on the server. It especially helps for night-time scenes.

Note that this is a rather finicky program (I did not make it, I should clarify), it needs to be opened after WoW has booted, and going crazy on some of the settings can crash the game. It was designed for people who make machinema, to help them gain an environment they liked without having to wait for certain times or weathers. By altering the colours and draw distances of things like fog and ambient light - you can create a fake realistic-lighting by turning the light diffuse colour to black, and the ambient colour to greyish black. Turning WMO lights on activates light behind windows and street lamps. These penetrate the black colours you put on the diffusions. These settings can be found underneath C-Environment.

I'll let the screenshots do the talking for me though in regards to it's potential;

This is Darkshire;
[Image: 219c7ww.jpg]

This is Darkshire, with the Warcraft Machinema Tool running;
[Image: 2wrewxd.jpg]

Torches effect on the environment;
[Image: ra0px2.jpg]

It's also worth noting that as buildings and caverns have rather intensive lighting - coating the diffusions with black doesn't affect indoors. Thus, you can walk out from a brightly lit tavern and into the dark, shadowy streets.

Click here to download - experiment with care and have fun!

-Also, apologies if this has been posted before. Thought I would share.-


Okay. First off, there are two programs inside the zip folder - they don't need to be parked anywhere other than not-inside-the-zip folder. All three files need to be extracted to the same place.

Secondly, the one I used to achieve that effect was Cameratool.


There are five tabs.


By using options such as Toggle Spectate Mode, you can control the camera without controlling your character, which will remain locked in place as you move the camera freely through the environment. This is useful for taking screenshots from different angles, as well as general spying, which I don't condone. It should also be noted that using the space bar or the X key to move up or down does work - though it makes your character jump or sit.

Camera clipping makes it so you can drift through through objects your camera would normally be blocked by. This may cause a crash if you stray too far into something/away from your character.

Options like Target Relative and Target Free don't seem, to do much, please post back if you figure this one out. All of the other options are self explanatory.

Custom Settings

Here you can change things such as the skybox (what sky you are using, Day/Night/Outland etc). With my Darkshire and Pyrewood pictures, I changed the skybox to 4 (Nighttime).

You can also change which parts of the world are rendered, and even the option to view the game using wireframes only. None of these particularly help out RP. Though they do give a better understanding as to how the game is made and how much of it is just texture tricks. It also helps point out how much more details Belves and Draenei are compared to the vanilla races.

Through Time Settings, you can change the time of the world - meaning you can change wether the moon or the sun is up, and where it is depending on the time. The server time itself will not change. You can also change the speed at which the environment changes, E.g, making a day last a meer minute. Both of these are inputted manually, and will require you to type both options in via a number.


This tab is the most important it is the only one I used to create the lighting. (Sans Skybox 4).

Firstly, to activate this panels effects, you need to click Enable. After this, you can change the colours of various effects in the game world.


Set Fog Colour changes the colour of the draw distance fog. Normally, this is a light blue colour. You can change it to any colour you please via the grid it gives you.

For the Darkshire picture, I had this set to hard black. However, for lighting, this can remain as normal.

Fog Density changes how thick the fog is, and thus, how powerful that colour is.

Fog Nearclip changes how much of the fog can penetrate objects. The lower the number, the less fog you see is the the general idea.

Fog Farclip changes how far away the fog is from your character. The larger the number, the further away the fog is. The lower the number, the closer it is.


Set Diffuse Color changes the color that diffuses other colours on textures. Think of it as a colour filter for the game world. If you change it to yellow, the game world's colours will look more light-sepia. The default colour is gray. Areas that are not facing the sun become a darker shade of the colour you selected.

For the Darkshire pictures, I changed this to dark grey, not far from total black.

Set Ambient Color changes how bright colours in the game world effects other colours. Think of Ambient colours as sources of light.

For daytime scenes, I change this to hard white.
For Nighttime scenes, like the darkshire pictures, I change this to hard grey, like the diffusion.


Notice how the sky (if you're on Azeroth, and not in a specialized area like Gilneas or Ghostlands.) is contructed of a gradient of three colours? These settings change these colours, allowing you to change the colour of the sky, and the horizon. There are six options in total, for Top, Mid and Low. Then one option for the Sun's colour.


These options change how much cloud there is, as well as their transparency. These options are self explanatory.


These options change colour of water in 3.5.5, as well as the transparency of those colours. I haven't experimented with these options that much, please post back on this!

I have no experiemented with Waypoints of Shaders. Shaders often crash my client, so I do not advise it, but people are free to try. I think these options are more to do with machinima.

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  • Psychyn
Intriguing. Could definitely be used to provide more 'immersion'. That, and it's grimdark.

You could always do with more grimdark, as WH40K says.
[Image: djuraz.jpg]
I think I'm in love, that's possibly one of the greatest things I've ever seen. I've always been tired of how it's still light out at night in the Barrens... Ugh! This is extremely useful, can't wait to try it. Thank you a lot, very appreciated.
... Wow, I want. *Downloads*

Edit; Woo! Crashed my WoW in five seconds! I'm good at these things. *laughs*

*Waits for newb tutorial on this*
*points* ?
"Life is offensive, people; it's brutal, stupid, annoying, dirty, and at the end, ******* pointless. Seriously, folks, you need to get a grip, alright? Relax yourself!" - Foamy

Thank you Kira for posting that video. I didn't know one existed.
You had to google. x3
"Life is offensive, people; it's brutal, stupid, annoying, dirty, and at the end, ******* pointless. Seriously, folks, you need to get a grip, alright? Relax yourself!" - Foamy


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