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Sorum's bunch of personals
Going past the not so informative title.. I got a few characters which could use some connections, so I made a list!

Xenaith - Xenaith is my succubus which tends to bother people at random. She is usually decent to talk with and won't just attack and kill everyone, she likes to have her fun with the victims. I think the best characters for interacting with her would be Felsworns or Burning Legion Warlocks, she can be quite decent at chatting about fel and all that. She can also come and bother your characters at random if you are into that. :3

Vyseni - My newest character, she is a Kaldorei Warden. Overall friendly enough with her race and her allies but can be quite apathetic at times. I'd imagine a few friends would be really nice for her. A love interest won't be out of the question, has to be Kaldorei though.

Sekrin - Sekrin is a Nathrezim, great at controlling people. I would imagine an aspiring warlock would do well. He could guide your character as you are going for the felsworn class. Besides that I'd imagine that I could also have him appear here and there as part of your event/storyline, just poke me to discuss stuff. :3

I think that's about it for now, poke me in game, post here, send me mail, pigeons, ring at my door, call me, PM, skype. Whichever you want! <3
[Image: pj3isZU.gif]

[Image: 43883.png]

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