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SourPuddle: Renessiance Man
I do it all! Well, not metalworking, or taxodermy. Music, Visual Art and Literary compositions all fall under my spectrum; now I will display them with haste!


When I go to college, I plan on becoming a musicologist. Music is a certain passion I refuse to explain in words, because it could not seriously embody it's reality. Here are some of my later works:

"From Where I'm Standing"
Genre: Drum and Bass
Subgenre: Abstract, avante-garde, experimental
Link: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/456253

"Political Prisoner I"
Genre: IDM
Subgenre: Chip-Tune, avante-garde, abstract, experimental
Link: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/420146
Note: n/a


Here's a piece of poetry I wrote, it's kind of old (unpolished) but it'll do for now. It's influences are from anti-consumerism/capitalistic values, which means that it's politically relevant, but even if you're not into that, it's worth reading just for entertainment.

Land of the Witless

Clear and through the concrete woods

Sprawling plague of the land

Culture is a packaged good

Living off of mass demand

And when I shout for help

I hope I’m not the only one

Their ears stuck with squelching felt

There’s simply a picture of the sun

For all these years

I’ve fallen, I’ve tried

When I reach the top

To find the truth

Who would listen to the likes of you?

Everyone should be equal, isn’t that right?

Let’s forget everything, let’s lose sight

Conflict is the evil of the world

Because it’s what truly makes us bright

Let’s remove it, extinguish the fire of life

Replace it with something more serious,

Feel the crunch of the corporate bite

Land of the witless

Woe is me

What have I done?

What don’t I see?

Everything is clear, hope isn’t gone

The light is dimming

But I swear it’s still on!

We rely so long on what was presented as the truth

I suppose it is the biggest fault of our youth

Dependant on a string of lies and a hollow box

Snippets of history disappear at the click of a clock

We realize things aren't going so great

Remedy the situation; cover it in paint.

Now it is a picture of a shining star

No blinding light, no nuclear fusion

Just a template for a lowered bar

It's progressive; expectations loosened

Why be radical, why be real?

It's not like these things invoke a feel

It doesn't prompt pretty girls to run through the sand

It's no more than a bulb gone grand

It's not a spectacle to light the night sky

It's nothing new-- Admire it, why?

The real thing was quite a fright

An irritating glow of gold

Dangerous, confusing; endlessly bright

Not to mention far too hot

We would rather be blind; cold

Something, much like a robot


More to come (like my earlier works and unpublished works), it's just sort of late now. Feel free to give honest critique; I love honest critique. I've been attention deprived, I swear, when anyone gives me their opinion about my work, it's like I can feel a sort of ripple of amorous warmness in my soul, or something like that, yo.
[Image: Calvin_and_Hobbes_hug_by_Humongous_E.png]
I find classical music much more refreshing to make. This piece isn't completely finished, but it's getting there.

I have another poem on the way, as well as analysis, which is fun.
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