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Sparring trainer?
Well... my head flashed with some thought again so... here I am again. Well here it is. I'm thinking on doing something fun in Stranglethorn Vale something like a Sparring community where people can be trained to fight. The main base will probably take a stand in Booty Bay but yet we shall use the wilds as a training ground. I would also love to use Rezzak as a trainer so... I will Laugh. If anyone is interested in this idea of mine feel free to post your suggestions down. Thank you againHug
You' seek me help?

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  • Osvaldas
Valda can finally teach all those wimpy mages how to cut down foes with spell and sword.
The true test of his choice lies forward.
— The story of the Silithian.

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  • Aethon
Kahadul could teach Combat with shield.
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Brothers and sisters of NOD, I welcome you to planet C&C.
If your hours match mine, I can offer multiple characters.

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I can offer several characters to that idea aswell. I actually tried something similar like two years back, posting up a sort of "school" that is supposed to teach people various arts that will help them survive, be it cooking, first aid, navigation or combat.
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Chu need a trainer eh? Krest my friend. After all, it's part of his job to train people now.
Keep in mind he's not asking for a trainer, he's looking for people who'd be interesting in a training school of sorts!
Oh. Pft, Krest would be interested none the less! He can offer his 600+ years of knowledge to any of those who would attend the school!

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