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Special profiles for half breeds.
With the certain changes to how things are done on CotH, I was thinking it could be an idea to free up the lock down on cross breeds as they are a very cannon phenomena and they wouldn't be so rare especially between High Elves, Humans and Dwarves in the Alliance. Ogres and Orcs would also have probably got together from time to time in Draenor but less than their Azerothian counterparts (maybe?) as their differences are greater than the differences in intellect between Dwarves and Humans, and they also have greater physical differences.

I however understand the fear for the snowflakes to come pouring down if this happened, and thus I propose that we open it to discussion before coming to any conclusions. Things like what races should we accept as half breeds. After all there are some races that might not be compatible, or that we decide shouldn't be compatible despite Comic Book lore. (Medan being an example of what could be an OTT hybrid character). I would suggest that hybrids, if ever allowed would be a special profile type thing.. But I would also suggest that we ease up on the regulations. Say you have a Human who has like 1/16 dwarf blood in him. Is that lore breaking? No. Would that give him strong dwarven traits? No. He would be maybe slightly shorter than his peers, and might have like paler skin and ginger hair. But most people would think he's just a short gingerman. Details like this could be nice in explaining things like Orcs who have a strong enough connection to arcane magic to become mages could be explained like "Yes, generations back, there was an Ogre Half Breed in my linage". (supposedly the mage class in orcs was to do with their connection with the Blood Elves and Forsaken right?). OR it could account for the crazy amount of Dwarves who I see scaled to the size of a blood elf female. It would strengthen the sense of a bond between cultures that have stood together for a long enough period of time. Say you wouldn't have any adult Night Elf/Human Hybrids so that wouldn't happen, nor would there be anything with the Draenei.

So my suggestion on which races would possibly have interbred enough for it to be playable.



Human/High Elf

I'd like to hear opinions on the matter and hopefully get a decent debate on the go. Keep it chill, and polite though, please.

"Even a stopped clock, tells the right time twice a day."
We really have no intentions on making half-breeds/mixed-breeds a thing. This was brought up once before with player support and the stance has not changed, it's just one of those things we do not want to bring to CoTH.
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I see, could someone explain why though? We don't want to because we don't want to will only make more people ask why. I mean CotH has always been about sticking to canon.. and this is something that doesn't go against canon lore. And as the gaps between the cultures become less over the years, as we can see the cultures seem to be becoming more multi cultural. This can be seen by the class/race combinations that open up by the time of cataclysm, and that the polls on the server are calling for more options it seems only logical to open up this path of opportunities.

Perhaps some of the points that would suggest why it would be a bad thing to do have been covered in the thread you mentioned. If someone could link it here so people who missed that thread can read the points made there, that would be really useful.
"Even a stopped clock, tells the right time twice a day."
Here are the two threads related to half-breeds. I can't really explain why at the moment, far too tired, but every one of us has a different reason and I won't explain their stance for them.


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