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Spelling mistakes that twist your panties
MoonlightBlossom Wrote:Not a spelling mistake, but "lol" PISSES. ME. OFF.

Who Loves Orange Soda?
I'm terrified of Moonlight now...

Ah! And...

Accents bug me. If I can understand you, it's fine. But if you get sooo into the roll that all I see you type is a jumble of letters with some spaces in between, we have a problem. Especially troll accents...
[Image: walrus_family_affair-2.gif]
"The time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things: Of shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings" - Lewis Carrol
My two cents!

"Wait, there are things that twist the panties of/irritate Amy?" Why yes there all. And while there will be no murderous heel-drive rampages here...

Getting to the point. It's not precisely a spelling mistake or even something many will agree to not do. But it irritates the smiley-faced hell out of me. When someone asks a question about something, typically needing directions or needing advice or something of the like, and the person(s) answering decides it's a good idea to answer in nothing but abbreviations/acronyms I feel quite honestly like forcefully abbreviating that person's life.

Since short is good.

For example, (true story) I asked where to find a certain weapon. My reply was "It's in 'mance---"small note, there was no accent mark over 'mance' to signify it was a shortened name "---in WPL. Take the FP to CWC and run north."

...well what the hell does that mean? It meant the weapon was in Scholomance, which is in Western Plague Lands. They were recommending taking the Flight Point to Chillwind Camp (Chillwind is one freaking word, I'm not even sure why CWC was rational) and running north. Okay. Well understanding someone might not have wanted to type all of those out, for someone who obviously does not know offhand what these things are (because they're asking a freaking question) it's slightly below the level of stupidity/inconsideration to vomit abbreviation then 'lol' all the way home when asked what the hell they just said.

Case and point... not exactly a spelling mistake since it's done on purpose. Rather, I'd wish people would make sure they are clear when conveying help (or anything for that matter, but that's a stretch).

Icing on the cake? Typically my overwhelming lack of abbreviated-knowledge not only earns confusion, but belittling by the life/word shortening party.

"Lawl, iz short for [insert name here] nub."

Okay. But you've failed to spell 'is', and can't even shorten that because it's two letter. 'Lawl' is actually one letter longer than the letters it's meant to mock. And 'nub', while phonetically correct if I reach, is an improper spelling of a word that never should have existed. 'Nub' is 'noob' is 'newb' is 'newbie' is 'a new person to something'.

Wow, I was angrier than I thought. Going to return to a passtime I'm sure you all imagine me partaking in, which is playing with my pet rabbit. She's cute!

Learn to be clear or...


Or just STFU.

Damnit. >.<
Walluce Wrote:Accents bug me. If I can understand you, it's fine. But if you get sooo into the roll that all I see you type is a jumble of letters with some spaces in between, we have a problem. Especially troll accents...

If you can´t understand, I bet your character can´t either, which leads us to a trillion fun RP experiences.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

What? Q has spelling pet peeves?! INCONCEIVABLE!

Har har.

U instead of you. Especially if it's being done by a company trying to be "hip" and identify with the youngsters. Same goes for most other spelling you find in 12 year old's text messages.

4 instead of for. See above.

i instead of I. I think I've done this rant before... but... PUSH YOUR SHIFT KEY. It takes just ONE tiny little finger movement. I know you can do it! I believe in you! RARGH.

*climbs aboard MoonlightBlossom's rage train* Toot toot.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
I happen to agree to it all, except Heavy Accents that I happen to be a great big fan of.
What ticks me off though, for few or no logical reasons, is the Lack Of Capital Letters.
I seem to be compensating for the lack of them by adding them in front of words that doesn't deserve Capital Letters in my own writing though, so that's ok.
Hogral Coalbeard - Impulsive Explorer
Hmm lol. I could probably add to this list if I were still high strung and easily irked by little things. I take IC posts more seriously than OOC ones. I could care less about OOC spelling.

Actually, I LOVE it when grammar nazis use bad grammar from trying too hard to look proper, or misspell obscure long words during their thesaurus rape. It's funny to watch RPers (or anyone really) misuse big words and make doublespeak just to look like an awesum speaker.
˜★Sketch Blog
Hmm, seems as if most, if not all, points that come into my mind have been brought up. Though as Hogral stated, accents do not bug me either. Except for when they actually are overdone so much, that they cannot be counted as accents, but pure gibberish.
This makes me feel semi-normal. I mean, I thought I was the only anal one who rages over spelling/grammar/punctuation.

Hell, I know I'm not the best, but...

I hate character's who are supposed to be -WELL EDUCATED- that do not use...I or capitalize their sentences...or use periods...how about...



Or people that think it is okay to use any of the previously stated errors in /emote.

Dood leikz if jooz tryen ta b awzomz u luk liekz nubz.

It angers us, sure...But it is -YOU- that looks extremely stupid in RP. Personally, usually people who don't capitalize letters or attempt to use punctuation, I stray from in RP. It erks me to the point I don't want to associate myself with you.





Hi, My Name Is Billy And I Came From Goldshire To Save The World.

[Image: anigif_mobile_9893b2566588ab845c7985f71769a9f2-7.gif]
Know what word pisses me off? 'Oiveh'

Just kidding.

Ofcourse, too and to. (If you have problems with those you need to roll a Dwarf)
Mabra Dragonbasher- A battle hungry dwarven lady, hirable for personal protection and for larger tasks requiring violence.
Admittedly I hate the Random Cap Stuff ... well, in any setting, really.
If you want people to read it, why make your whole writeup look like a title? I'm just saying!
˜★Sketch Blog
How about putting apostrophes where they DON'T go...?

Nessicary/neccesary/any other butchered form.

Discrete for discreet. The meanings are totally different. I see this a lot when I'm lurking on craigslist. I find the personal ads amusing. I want to say, "You want a discrete meeting? Wow, well.... I'm not sure I know what to say about that. Care to clarify?"

Of course the standard your/you're, to/too/two, their/there/they're.

If someone crops up with a 'sup how r u?' that is grounds for refusal to acknowledge their existence.

I will admit I rarely capitalize anything in casual chat, like on AIM or something similar. However, in any other circumstance I make sure to keep everything as it should be. Even in IM, I always type my words out. No u, 4, 2 here.

edit: I almost forgot. I despise the word 'random.' It's turned into something teenagers use to describe themselves when they want to seem cool and free-spirited. Grow a vocabulary.
Bury me on my feet. I have lived my entire life on my knees.
Hey! ... I like the word random... *craddles a sign saying "RANDOM" in the corner*

And something else I remembered:

I hate it when people put a capital letter after a comma. Unless the word after is a name/special building, then it's fine. I also hate it when people don't use a capital letter after a question/exclamation mark.

"Hey man, How's it going? wanna go to the park?"
"Don't you walk away from me! you can't handle the truth, You noob!"
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
I just wanted to take a moment to say, you all make me so proud. We can save the written English language yet. Think about what the last century would have been like with leetspeak embedded in the language:

we has noting 2 ph33r but ph33r istlef - Roosevelt

dont ask what ur country does 4 u but wut u does 4 country kk???? - Kennedy

iam not a ninja dudez F U - Nixon

i didnt giv hawt lovins 2 taht woman or w/e - Clinton


Yes, well. That was mildly entertaining. What have I done.
≈Still falls the rain≈
KrWulfgang Wrote:iam not a ninja dudez F U - Nixon

I laughed. So. Hard.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut

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