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Sprinkles Springsprocket [Gnome Mage]
'''Player:''' Cressy

'''Character Full Name:'''
Sprinkles Ess Springsprocket

'''Character In-Game Name:'''


The Alliance, alternate goods users





Her cotton candy hair is usually styled short and spiky. Some days it is seen with taffy or her other candies stuck in it.

Almond shaped, brown eyes.

Thirty-two pounds

Two feet, Eight inches

'''Usual Garments/Armor:'''
Sprinkles is a smaller than average gnome with a smaller than average frame. She is almost always seen in some sort of pink and on the rare occasion she isn't, she is probably nude.

The small, 'adorable', pink gnome, can often be heard around Azeroth, spitting lisps at people as she speaks. Though cute, many people have a hard time understanding her.

She is an avid candy maker, with a slight tick here and there. She is one who does enjoy devouring bag after bag of her goodies, even if her small and skinny frame does not show it. Many people have pondered her well-being; could she possibly be ill?


Eighty-five percent of the time, Sprinkles is seen as a well behaved, mature, hard-working gnome, dedicated to serving the public their sugar-hungry needs. She tends to be the harmless bunny rabbit that everyone feels is okay to play and joke on; the only problem is, this bunny rabbit has teeth. From time to time, whether it be a general personality conflict or possibly just her mood-swings kicking in, Sprinkles can be a tyrant.

Born and raised within the halls of Gnomeregan, Sprinkles was the shortest and roundest in all of her classes, constantly picked on because of an unfortunate lisp, and never really found the normal tinkering that Gnomes enjoyed, enjoyable. Her head always seemed to be in the clouds, in a constant dream state of magi and candies. With this, her parents became extremely concerned and almost hopeful. Was Sprinkles going to be tuned in with the arcane? Would she be able to harness the powers only a parent could dream their child could do? With this thought constantly in the back of their mind, they sent her off with several other young gnomes to begin magi training in an outer section of Gnomeregan.

Though she did do fine in her training, she never understood the concept of summoning muffins and other sweets from out of thin air. Her mind constantly wondered, "Did I just steal this from some random, poor family that had nothing to eat?" Her thoughts soon began to drive her insane until one day she decided to bake her own muffins. Her class-mates were outraged, "How dare someone do that! It is cheating!" In her mind, there was nothing wrong with it; concerned parents soon talked the Magi instructor on sending her away. She decided to leave the 'school' to find alternative methods of learning.

After finding a tutor, her days were full of learning with a few knowledgeable Magi Gnomes; her evenings spent learning the fundamentals of baking and candy making from a local sweet-shop owner. Her mind was finally easing up as she figured out it was not -her- that was wrong, it was -them-. The owner even agreed to allow her to live there rent free in exchange for work. Sprinkles was finally happy.

But her family relationship never really levelled itself out. On the occasion she would visit, she was often scolded for her sweets addiction or how round she had become. None of her accomplishments seemed to make up for anything. That night, she left Gnomeregan for Ironforge. After a few weeks, she found out about the trogg invasion that would kill many of her family and friends. She was devastate and sought happiness in food. That only last so long before she would purge it up; her body beginning to reject the only friend she had.

Quickly, she found someone to help with her issues. Many a days they would spend talking about her family and how food was a way she could cope with the issues. Learning to handle her life one day at a time, she stopped using food as her outlet for sadness and anger. In doing this, she was able to appreciate the one thing she loved the most.

With her life finally shaping up, she chose to travel. She stopped within a Goblin port, discovering the world of herbal treatments and narcotics. Between the abuse of them and her love of sweets, she came to the conclusion that mixing the two would be the most amazing gift to the sentient creatures of Azeroth. She has never looked back.
[Image: anigif_mobile_9893b2566588ab845c7985f71769a9f2-7.gif]
Evening, Cressy!

Quote:But her family relationship never really levelled it self out. On the occasion she would visit, she was often scolded for her sweets addiction or how round she had become.

How round she had become? In the the appearance section, you describe her as having a small and skinny frame, so her being described that way seems to contradict what was said earlier on in the profile.

Other than that, just some spelling things:

Quote:The owner even agreed to allow her to live their rent free in exchange for work.

live there*

Quote:But her family relationship never really levelled it self out.


All in all, an enjoyable profile.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
Fixed the errors.

She also had issues with her overweight and has since gone the other way. Travel, drugs, poor diet.
[Image: anigif_mobile_9893b2566588ab845c7985f71769a9f2-7.gif]
Ah, gotcha. It's just something that wasn't mentioned in the history, so it made me wonder.

Anyways, approved!

[Image: anim_500.gif]

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