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Steamwheedle Casino
This may have been said before, but I think the Steamwheedle Cartel Should have a Casino. The Gambling and all would make sense with the lore considering they are all around gangsters. It might be near Gadgetzan or anywhere out of alliance or horde control really. It wouldn't be a priority and maybe it might just be a one-time event, but it would make for some interesting cartel RP.
Hmm, how would this work exactly?

Would the members of the Cartel come in, roll some dices with the /roll command for awhile and then leave?
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Here's how I vision it.

Whatever amount of gold you risk, you get double the reward. Anything below 50 you lose, anything above 50, you win.


"Kiall gives the casino guy 50 gold."

/roll 62

"The casino guy scowls. "Alright, here's 100 gold pieces sir!""

"Malakai gives the Casino guy 33 gold pieces."

/roll 27

"The casino guy gives a fake frown. "Sorry sir, you lost."

BUT. Say for example you wanted to give in one million gold pieces, you would need to suffer a -30 to all your rolls. They can't go giving away millions of gold, they'll go out of business! If you do give in that sort of money and you win, we can call that JACKPOT! Or something.

EDIT: Fixed a typo, and yes you would roll a dice. Except 3 or below = LOSS.

4 or above = WIN!
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Here's how I see it.
Lottery. I had one on my old server, it's expensive, and has a random chance (like a chest) to drop differing amounts of money, so you could get 10s, 10g, or the JACKPOT!
It's be tickets from a vendor, and you open them to see what you win, there'd be some of differing prices too, so if you don;t have much, you buy a cheap one, win a little, if you have lots, buy a few expensive ones, win more!

The only problem with that is GM time is needed, though admittedly not much.
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Well, either me or someone else would have to develop a few different games including the /roll command, but at the moment I am not sure. Before developing a method of play, this idea would have to be approved by a GM and maybe TwilightDisciple because she does a lot of Cartel stuff. Heres a simple dice game.

Players gather around table with the Cartel Dealer guy at the head of the table.

The dice is rolled to see who gets to bet first.

The person with highest roll bets first with X amount

The other people have to either Match X amount, raise X amount, or leave table

If it is raised, then the others have to match the raised X amount

This will repeat until everyone matches X amount

Finally once everyone has matched bets, Each person gives their X amount to the Cartel Dealer Guy

Everyone will /roll in clockwise order around the table

Whoever has Highest roll gets 3/4 of the pot, with 1/4 going to the Cartel for profit

If there is a tie with the rolls, then the 3/4 is equally divided among the people who tied.

I am not to good at making up these sort of things, and I am sure someone else could come up with a bunch of better gambling games then this.We could have a contest where people post their different games, and we would vote on the three best games. Those three would be used in the casino. At a later date maybe more would be added but it would start with three.

To Hawk: Sounds like a good game
To Killachipmunk: Maybe save that for another time.
I run something like this on my rogue, it can prove quite fun. However, I would caution others who pursue these games to make displays of good faith (by showing the other(s) involved you do have the money you are betting) however, such displays will only work for people of the same faction. Also keep in mind that even if a person shows you they do have the money to bet, that may not stop them from trying to cheat you in character. Some characters may try to "grab all the money" on the table and skitter off - even those not involved in the gambling. And do not forget the "you cheating me?" scenes. If you run a casino within a tavern, always keep the bouncers in mind. If you start a brawl over gambling within the wrong bar, you may soon find yourself a very unwelcome visitor to that bar let alone the town/area your next visit!
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In the future there may be something like this. However, the casino aspect will be more roleplay, rather than giving out actual cash rewards.
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△Move along.△


To Ilusory Nocturne, I wasn't exactly looking for some type of profit in-game, I am not even in the Cartel. It would be interesting roleplay like Rensin said and as such, wouldn't be held in some random tavern. It would be in Cartel controlled areas outside the power of the alliance horde or whatever is against gambling. If those things like all those little rogues thinking they can make off with the Cartels money, they will be dealt with the same way as all things in the Cartels way to profit. Beaten repeatedly by the Various Steamwheedle thugs.
As a member of the Steamwheedle Cartel I would have to say a YES YES VERY YES to the idea of a casino being built within Ratchet or Gadgetzan. I'd nominate Ratchet because it'd be easier to exploi-, err, have easier access to low level players in the area.

"What a mess we made, when it all went wrong..."
Not to mention the fact that there's a huge effin desert where you can bur.. escort players who win too mu.. a lot of gold.
Maybe like, a boat casino, in one of the boats south of Ratchet. Specifically one of the big ones like Crow has...
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