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Bovel Wrote:I don't really see the point of this, you can easily get your proffesions to 450 in a day of two using a proper guide with loosing perhaps only 500g.
Some of the professions (inscription comes to mind) are borked. Piroska was physically incapable of leveling her profession past a certain level; when I posted this on the forums, I was told that this was a known problem. This would help resolve that issue and allow players to not spend valuable roleplaying time leveling a profession.
Rensin Wrote:Like, for items and leveling, we have .char additem or .char level commands, but nothing involving skills, sadly.
... You don't?
I am pretty sure that you can do it.

.character learn 51304 Teaches the player the skill "Grand Master Alchemy", which will make their alchemy cap 450. After this;
.character advanceallskills 450

There. It could also be written, .cha l 51304 and .cha advancealls 450
Azheron's back in business. For reals.
Just thought about something...might need to be level 80 before you could get your skill bumped to 450 since I think its a requirement for the skill...Dunno if the skill would work if given to someone under level 80...hrm

[Image: badge.jpg]
[Image: badge.jpg]
WTF is up with this? ^
Gathering skills (herbalism, mining, skinning) require you to be 55 in order to reach 450. Non-gathering professions require 65. This will allow you to reach Grand Master.

Edit: At least, these are the requirements on retail. It may be different on this server if further changes were made to professions.
If I remember correctly, Kretol was hesitant to give anyone the abilities, for fear of abuse.

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