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Stormwind Millitary Base
I was thinking of placing a small millitary base, with just a flight master, in The Plaguelands, as a Millitary fort to hold back scourge, my character would be leading the base, and perhaps a guild.. The Stormwind Guard, self explaintory right there =P
Well, keep in mind that GMs can't spawn buildings.
"I'm not safe for work."
I know...
I hate to burst your buble, but realisticly, theres no way in hell that could happen, because there are alsready two Scourge guilds that would wipe it out. Theres no possible way to re-claim those lands.
Hey DON'T BE RUDE! :O Chuck Norris be damned! :D
Please mind your manners, Warlord.

Regardless of what actions you are putting into play, it does not mean that Stormwind could not attempt and even succeed in establishing a small military base.

And yes, Howland, we cannot produce "buildings" any larger than tents. So it would be best to choose a location to "spruce up" a bit, instead of creating a camp from scratch, unless you don't mind it looking like it could be knocked over in a strong breeze. :)
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