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Stuck on Realm Selection Screen
I was able to log Amriya in about an hour ago (between 9 and 9:30 pm Eastern), then tried to hearth and got stuck in the pageload screen. I then crashed out, and now trying to log back in brings me into a continual loop of Realm Selection.

I've found a thread from back in April that indicates this is a server crash that brings up an error window preventing a regular "reset". If I read it right, people who crash out or try to hearthstone or teleport will get stuck this same way.

Too bad too, cause I finally got the time to RP again. :\
[Image: KeinaCard.png]
I also got stuck!! O_O Does this mean I lose my account?! :(
Nope! This only means that we probably can't play until Kretol gets the opportunity to fix the server. :)
[Image: KeinaCard.png]
Nevena Wrote:Nope! This only means that we probably can't play until Kretol gets the opportunity to fix the server. :)
Yep. He has to do a restart. I'm stuck too, so, I'll give you guys the usual advice, which I will also follow!

Read a book, talk to a friend, go for a bike ride, watch a movie, or something else that's also a lot of fun. Mwahaha.
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△Move along.△


Dangit. I was having fun making jokes, and leveling my dwarfie :(
You have excellent advice. Unfortunately, for me this means getting back to catching up on some extra work. :roll:
[Image: KeinaCard.png]
Blah. Fine.... But my dwarfie was getting armor/weapon upgrades... Meh, oh well.
Had no idea that this could still happen...
Sometimes a continent can "crash" which will permanently (until reset) limbo any character going into an affected area.

Basically your character is stuck online in a "loop" and does not log back out.
Ascent used to do this a ton when 2.3 was still fresh.

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