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Stupid Children
You would not choose to be stupid unless you are already stupid.
Little by little, one travels far.
With all due respect nexusphere I disagree with your thought on choice alone.

how your raised and everything around you has a giant effect on you as a person. a good example of this is in world war 2 Nazi Germany. kids ratted out their parents to the government a lot and most people saw the people going off to the concentration camps as normal. They didn't chose to think it wrong. why? with the media and mentality it was considered as the norm.

now back to today. kids see things on tv and think it's the right thing. Do they sit on a chair and start thinking to himself is it really good or bad? does he debate with his friends over it? no he accepts it. not that it's a choice, to him it's normal. Thin girls that look like sluts are normal today. I am pretty sure they didn't decide for themselves "Hey I am going to dress up like this now" without a influence of the world around them.

It's because they see it as normal thus accepting it, and also most people want to fit in so the "go with the flow". Lastly choosing to be smart or not doesn't really work... everyone that went through a math exam and "decided" to get that 90% mark and failed would know that.

So instead of having the tv brainwash the children with all this, parents need to brainwash them first on the right things. I myself am someone who thinks things over and work hard on my own, but I was taught to act this way by my parents not by choice.

again I say this with full respect to your view nexusphere.
Well, I still think that parents and media are very important factor, simply because you cannot learn what isn't taught to you. If nobody around you ever does anything good, doesn't mean that you'll be bad, but means that the chances of you turning out bad are higher than chances of you turning out good.

If parents are violent alcoholics, the child doesn't need to be, but there is much higher chance of him/ her having weak personality than to a person raised by demanding parents, paying attention to what they're doing.

That's another thing, paying attention. It's not just about knowing what your child does, but to spend time with him/ her. I know someone who has an issue of watching television with other people around, because the person was used to other family members commenting on pointlessness of the shows. Not blaming anyone here, but still. Parents have big influence. It's important to teach morals and set a good example, because the child will be affected by it, one way or another.
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"Children are a product of their environment." It isn't just one factor that may make them decide on doing something, it's -all- of the contributing factors in the world around them. Parents, friends, family, teachers, books, games, TV, music, everything.
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I don't think that the whole "a product of their environment" argument can be labeled as a hundred percent valid.

A lot of the time, I've seen it be blatantly untrue.

My own case is like this. I was raised on a farm in the country, away from most forms of civilization. I was raised around cattle and trees, hunting, fishing, camping. All the things that make one into a redneck.

I've got the deep country accent. I'm tall and look like a farmer.

All of that would say that I'm a product of my environment. Except for all the stuff my environment didn't provide for.

That being the reading of Shakespeare, historical non-fiction, and fantasy. As well as everything technology has to provide. No joke on that, I'm the most technologically apt in my family.

While my environment/actions would have most screaming redneck, all of that other stuff has routinely shocked a number of people who get to know me. They just can't understand it.

So I have to agree with Kiffles, at least partially. Kids do make their own decisions on this sort of thing.
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This goes back to the age old question: Is it Nature, or Nurture? For some kids, no matter what form of influence that they are exposed to, will always have the innate qualities they are born with. Example; a kid who was born dumb, but placed in the environment of a high culture society would just stay dumb. A kid born smart, placed in some screwed up childhood environment, just grows up smart, regardless. A Good example, Eminem! Screwed up childhood, but the brain to process complex words and ideas so fast, that he became a famous rapper.

There are others. But one must understand, that for some, it's Nurture that defines them, but for others, it's Nature. Food for thought. LOL
garrett Wrote:All of that would say that I'm a product of my environment. Except for all the stuff my environment didn't provide for.

That being the reading of Shakespeare, historical non-fiction, and fantasy. As well as everything technology has to provide.

The point is, you would have never read Sheakspeare or anything of other following types of books, if there were none of the sort around. I don't say in your house, but for example, a local library. You just got interested in it.

Children are not 100% forged by environment because for some reason, everyone is different even if you raise them the same way.

However, if I put it in more nowadays case, a child cannot be influenced by good things if there just aren't ANY of them around.

You didn't come out a redneck, but if 90% of other people around where you lived became so, then what you're stating is not "environment doesn't really have a big effect on people", but "there are exceptions of people who are more influenced on what they choose to do on their own than by what people around them do".
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As a 6th and 7th grader, I was always trying to fit in. That meant Baggy Jeans and Hip-hop. It didn't work. I grew up as a somewhat gifted child, always learning things at such a fast pace. To this day, I still have never studied for an exam, and I have never failed an exam. However, I wasn't satisfied with my academic progress, as I was still the outcast, the odd one. I wanted to be popular, and I started to focus on my social status more than my schoolwork. My grades slipped making me look stupid, and like an outcast.

I was the prime example of a stupid kid. Good thing I changed and now I hate pretty much everything the media says.

It's fun making people angry with your lifestyle. :D
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I'm a preppy douchebag.

Says it all.
Man, this post has gotten too heavy. Locked, so noone eventually gets offended.

I may be too late.
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