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Subject of a Name
Now, I don't want to start any drama here, but a certain issue has left me... rather annoyed and/or confused.

This last friday, as I was playing my character Shaw, I was notified by a GM, Dale I think it was, that my character was flagged for a rename. The reason? Mathias Shaw of SI:7.

Now, I wasn't impersonating him, acting like, or anything. To be honest, I actually didn't even REMEMBER Mathias Shaw. But since my first name and his last name are the same, I was renamed.

My defense is this - What if I named my chatacter "Smith"? Would that be violating the name policy? I mean, there's BOUND to be a NPC with the name "Smith".

Again, I don't mean to cause drama or anything, but there are OTHER players that would fall into my delemia...

(5 common NPC-Player names removed for lack of Consent...)

So you see, why is -MY- character name specifically targeted? I am slow at seeing this, I guess. I've provided 5 other names that should be altered/changed, if no name can be shared...

Or maybe someone just took things too far, or made poor judgement?

To me? I've lost my character's identity. I had to give him a completely new name and was told two names can't be similar. Now - I am doubting weather I even want to play as, newly named, "Curgon" now... The issue of a first and sur name has left me kind of confused and irritated, and I just want it resolved.

I don't know. Maybe -I'M- taking this too far, myself. But all I know is that the profile for my Shaw is not, in any way, similar to Mathias Shaw of SI:7... So if any GM, or even you, Dale, can give this issue a look over, I'd greatly appreciate my name back.
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I'm sorry, but I have to agree. Think about it. Humans are more than likely going to have repeated nameds regardless. Its not like every human name is going to be unique, and I believe that unless he was impersonating him, there was nothing wrong with "Shaw" being his name. Period.

- Hayju
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You make a good point that Shaw is a fairly common name, and I don't think you should have been forced to have a character rename. However, it is rather inappropriate to be posting other people's names without their consent in the way you did, even if it is to prove a point, though that again is personal opinion.
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I agree with Vrahn on the other people's name bit but otherwise I totally agree with ya Shaw
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Your right, about the other players. I'm removing them now. That was irrational of me.
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I am a Master Traveler, and what the blazes are you?
This issue almost always comes up whenever a person has to have their name changed for these reasons. My personal oppinion is that some names are just common in certain cultures, and will be seen often.
I support your cause, Remnac.

Else I might have to rename two of my characters for having common named used by npc's.
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I'd have looked it over, had the character not been a rogue decked out in all black. As he looked similar to and had the same name as Mathias Shaw, I counted it as against policy. It isn't personal, nothing against -your- character, or however you put it. I have no idea who you even are to be honest.
Also consider that it is a lot easier to simply crack down on all characters that are named after a prominent NPC/Lore character than to question and investigate them to ensure that they aren´t carbon copies. Besides, people who do try to impersonate or have character related to a certain lore character often reacts harsly to a name change, making it obvious what they were doing. Not saying you did, of course, hehe.
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So - To clear this up - I was persecuted on appearance and class? Yes, I was a rogue, and yes, I was in black, but I was acting a twin to another player, Turgon, who was dressed exactly the same as I was. Besides, Mathias Shaw has short brown hair; my very own Shaw has a longer black. He wasn't meant to look like him, nor take on his role – I didn't even think of the S1:7 leader until this issue was brought up... Is there anyway you can just let me play as my own name, without this hassle? I've grown fond of the character and would not want to mutilate his image and name...

A name is a name... People are named after celebrities, aren't they? Now, I'm not saying Shaw was such a case, but is it really that hard to conceive of two Shaws in the same city...?

If this is such an issue, I will ultimately drop it - But not until I find this to be a valid reason for the rename. It's not like his name was Arthas or Uther...

Seriously… I just feel like this was a bit unfair.
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I am a Master Traveler, and what the blazes are you?
And I can vouche for his character, Shaw, as definitely NOT being a copy of Mathias Shaw, as I was playing Turon. Trust me, the two are quite different, if anything, polar opposites. Also, the outfit was out of MY design. It was a tuxedo with a Shadowcraft Mask, Knitted Gloves and Bracers and Recruit's Boots.

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