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Suggestion on ze Profile Checking / Other Misc. Stuff?
Firstly, as some of you may agree or disagree with me here on. The profile checking rate is a bit slow perhaps, or just not prioritized enough? As of this moment in time, there are 35 unchecked profiles in the Character Profiles section without any kind of approval or... initial approval or anything of the sorts. Only suggestions for improving them or so.

Now I had a simple idea, that I personally think just might just work. A Rota for checking the profiles. Whether this is just checking them all once a week, or doing them all once a month. I do sincerely believe that this idea might work. Ok, so the GM's don't have every single damn day of the week or month off to do this sort of thing. Yet with this Rota idea, it would be possible for them to check the profiles in any spare time they have. The profiles can't take too long to do. Doing all 35 at this moment, and giving them initial approval would roughly take 2 hours. That's 35 people happy now their approved. Some people even have goddamn vouches before they've been approved! Without the approval, what use are those vouches?

Now for now I think I've said enough, however I do believe some other people are going to post their idea's or something along those lines... opinion perhaps.

For now, Shorel'aran.

Well, I kinda agree with what your saying, although I've not actually gone to check them, I would be willing to, and I'd say myself it'd probably take me an hour, or two.

As for the vouches you mentioned, yes I have mine, still my profile lies dormant. Although, a GM did reply to my profile, not to approve it, more to complain... but, I'm just waiting now.

A rota would be helpful.
May have noticed by now, but I love throwing my opinion around. Now, before you go blasting him for anything, just remember. As you are a GM, people will expect a sertain amount of responsibility from GM's, so just atand in our shoes for a moment. Particulary because we're the ones waiting for it...

Also, because of the sudden influx of profiles, alot of people whom are scouting the private servers will be looking for a quick entry into a server. I just see the current system as a blockade.. A damn if you will.

Also, another point that was brought up. Al;though this is Kretol's server... We are his community. And unless he really wants the current RP leveles to stay as low as I've witnessed (Mainly "tea-party RP" in the tavern and private group RP elsware), the server may actually end out dying out.

I'm determined to make this place the best I can, by doing all I can for it. Because so far, every other server has had very arrogant Staff whom abuse their positions. Whish is why i like this place, so far. I'm yet to be pushed around.

Remember, this is constructive critisism, not an attack. I hope to dwell on this more. For now, I must sleep X_x
Rowin - He could beat Arthas with a pointy stick, anyday!
Really now, 2 hours? That's a little short. It takes a while for people to check through wowwiki or whatever to find out the real history that people are trying to intwine their character with. Then you have to go over spelling and grammer, double check it so that you haven't missed something.

We spend more than two minutes on a profile.

Who are you to complain anyway? You've been here for SIX DAYS and you feel that you have the right to tell us how to do what we're doing. You're profile has been up for even less so how about you just wait it out and we'll get to it.

It's simply disrespectful. I mean, I don't go up to you and tell you how to do your job and I find it insulting that you do so to me. Would you rather us go through and half-ass the profiles so everything is botched and we have people claiming to be Thrall's baby or the Spawn of Azshara?
[Image: Untitled-332.png]
I know very well that it is not a matter of scouting a profile and using your own knowledge to see it as okay. I am talking about checking over the history, finding extracts of lore too, just as you stated.

It appears that this is looked upon as a personal attack, which I would assume would happen.

I've noticed from lots of GMs that when people state things, or give opinions, those that made opinions are met with a wratch of negativity.

Quote:Would you rather us go through and half-ass the profiles so everything is botched and we have people claiming to be Thrall's baby or the Spawn of Azshara?

You exaggerating that, tremendously. It rarely happens, and you can sift that out it's not hard.

Quote:It's simply disrespectful.

You think that it is not disrespectful to be deemed a "bad" RPer, immediately before starting on a server, you have to proove you are what you say you are a good RPer, I've been RPing for years, so the current view is also quite disrespectful to me.

Also, let me make clear. This server is the best RP private server on the interwebs. It has a high stable server, and a dedicated staff, however, there are areas in which it lacks.
@ Sasail - See now, that's not very nice. You're just taking it as an insult. The time I've been here should have no damned factor on anything. That would not affect the fact if I was a Veteran RP'er or not. I've asked several people how they feel, most of them do feel it could be a bit faster. I'm not going to massively complain unless it goes unchecked for a month, then the system is rather damn poor. I'm only suggesting a way it could be faster. All you've done is throw a negative comment at me. When it's very possible to do them in two hours. Especially if you're a good and fast reader.

As I was saying, it's simple a suggestion of how it could be faster. Nothing else.
It takes me about 10-15 mintutes (more or less depending on the profile) to check a profile. And I do check a lot of profiles, not every day, but say, every second or third day.

What you people don´t seem to understand is that GMs got other things to do, things that include hanging out with their friends and family in Real Life, heck we even go out buying groceries some times... No, we don´t have goblins to do that...

People, players, friends, brothers and sisters, be amazed, GMs have lives! And you know, sometimes we just feel to log on to have some good role-play, and something I´ve noticed lately is that as fast as we do that there is someone complaing and whining about Profiles, leveling, gold, mounts, quests and all manner of stuff.

And the profile system -is- a blockade, it makes sure that people who are too impatient, OOC´ly immature, PvE/PvP´ers and those lore-breakers can´t simply join us. It forces you to show some OOC qualities and makes sure you got an acceptable character.

And to take on day each week to check profiles? Not a bad idea but sometimes people feel more comfortable to do profiles when they want to, instead of when they are forced to. We are volunteers, we do what we can to keep the server good, if you got a better way than profile/vouch system feel free to suggest it.

Quote:Would you rather us go through and half-ass the profiles so everything is botched and we have people claiming to be Thrall's baby or the Spawn of Azshara?

You exaggerating that, tremendously. It rarely happens, and you can sift that out it's not hard.

Really? I´ve seen a -lot- of really bad profiles, and they come in every week, in fact, most of the profiles I check are lore-bending, got some faults or claim a lot of fame/power/stuff. This means I make sure that the profile is completely OK before I give my Initial Approval.

And Vorla, we didn´t complain on your profile, we/I told you to wait and be patient seeing as there are people beneath you that are waiting to be review first. It´s like standing in a Que, and the more you talk/post in your profile the further back in the que your are shuffled (A.K.A you end up on the top of the forum, we work down and up so, yeah, end of the que).
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

My thoughts:

Profile checking is going faster now then before. I'm fine with the speed, if I were to make a new character of course.

I would rather have the GM's take a long time on the profiles then messing up on one or two. Each profile needs its own attention, every detail must be checked.

Keep in mind that the GM's are not doing this for themselves, they're doing it because they want to.

All I can say is that i'm glad we have GM's that read the profiles. I realise the subject wasn't an attack on the GM's, and that this was a suggestion, but I agree with the fact that it can't be done like clock work.

Go your own pace, and get the job done right.
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"Stop and restart...forgive, never forget and never live any life buried in regret."
I have no problem with it. To be honest I think the system's great as it is right now. Getting approved isn't utterly vital for roleplaying a character, is it?

I'd rather the (voluntary!) GMs checked profiles in their own time at a comfortable pace than having to check profiles on tight schedules.
Also, to keep the Thread clean don´t just reply with a "I agree/disagree" post.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

The whole rota idea, Nostra. You say that they like doing it in their own time, which I wouldn't mind either.

Yet, if it was implemented if they COULDN'T check them on a certain day. They could make up for it another day... it would entirely depend upon the way it was done.. if it was monthly. Hell it could be any day of that month..

Weekly, then if it was on a Sunday. Well just do it twice the next week or so...

Eitherway, thanks for the feedback. The comments that were...useful in someway. This has been rather interesting...

Edit: Nostra why is it then you check every second / third day. Yet when I look back there has been a profile that's at least a week old? :twisted: All I generally want to see is a little sign of increase in speed, nothing drastic...

Thanks... Swinzly
Dude, becuase I don´t check -every- profile, I was told that I checked about 15-20 or so the other day, some of them goes to Initial Approval others to Abandoned and then there´s the majority who needs to correct something and have to wait in the Character Profile section.

And there has been an increased speed, when I check the Character Profile section now people have waited about a week, is that so much? So intolerable? -You- Swinzly haven´t even been here a week, yet you demand that you already should have an approved Profile, or at least that we should have looked at it. Instead of these constant complains that I recieve it would be nice to see you (all of you that is) go out and role-play. Level and gear isn´t that important, you can go to areas and role-play; the Crater, Elwynn, Eversong, Durotan, various cities and other areas. And if you think it necessary to, you can level and go to Duskwood, the Barrens, Ashenvale etc.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Mostly, I'm seeing people being impatient with GMs that are VOLUNTEERS. That means they aren't required to do anything. They do it because they care about the server. I can't see how accusatory posts like these can motivate them at all.

That aside, the profiles are going by blindingly fast compared to prior to Sasail, Nostra, and MrWeasel's induction. Were you here then? Do you have any concept what it was like? Hmmm... no. I will also note that there is at least one new profile submitted every day, usually more. It's not something I envy keeping up with.

Chill out and check the attitude.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
I don't doubt you're not doing them, it's just the amount there is sitting unchecked...

Whether you're or not, it was a suggestion originally and shall remain to be one.
I just wish to point this out. A lot of the people complaining about the process seem to be pretty new. Like, days new. Now, the people that are content with it, have been here for a while.

Now, while we like to encourage fresh ideas, and while we are constantly trying to improve, implementing certain dates for us to check EVERY profile and so on and so forth is asking too much. This community, on average, puts up 5-15 new profiles daily. And 5 is rare.

So, again, for someone who is a voulenteer, to drop everything that they plan on doing that day to check every profile, and not to mention shift through the crappy ones, that's asking a hell of a lot from a normal person.

As for the speed aspect, I do not like that. At all. We take our time to look these over, because if we didn't, it would either revert to how it was before restart-(ungodly/godly people ruling castles and sitting around going "Mwauahahaha" while others actually try to be serious), or heaven forbid, retail.

Because of these concerns, along with the fact that we are actually approving and checking more profiles that we have before, I'll just say this.

Be patient.

[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△



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