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Surviving CotH for New Players: A guide
Hello and welcome to Conquest of the Horde! Now that your introduction has been accepted and you're ready to log into our world, you may find yourself just a tad bit confused over things in-game and on the forums. This is a guide in order to help everyone get a better understanding so you may be prepared to log into the world of CotH!

[Image: 23cb59983a4896c76d370ac15138ec21-med]

I logged in, so, now what?

If you don't want to feel like leveling and want to get right into knowing the community, then chances are you'll want to head over to the OOC Zone in order to talk to people and get to know the community a bit more without RPing right away.

How can you do that?

With these little guys:

[Image: x99mWf1.png?1]

Those things are OOC portals. They are your connection to the rest of the server. They take you to other cities, places made for role-play and as of recent event take you to current on-going event areas. There is a portal in every starting zone and ever city for each race.

Portal Locations: Horde

Blood Elves will find them in the following locations:

Starting Zone: Blood Elf
[Image: screenshot20120218at134.png]

Silvermoon City: At the front gate.
[Image: screenshot20120218at132.png]

Forsaken will find them in the following locations:

Starting Zone: Forsaken [Just up the Path]
[Image: screenshot20120218at144.png]

Undercity: In the Courtyard, leaving the throne room.
[Image: screenshot20120218at141.png]

Orcs/Trolls will find them in the following locations:

Starting Zone: Orcs
[Image: screenshot20120218at147.png]

Starting Zone: Trolls
[Image: xXAzoYCl.jpg]

Razor Hill: In the center of Town
[Image: screenshot20120218at145.png]

Orgrimmar: At the front gate
[Image: rWRiH9Ql.jpg]

Tauren will find them in the following locations:

Starting Zone: Tauren
[Image: screenshot20120218at140.png]

Thunder Bluff: In between the lifts at the top.
[Image: screenshot20120218at136.png]

Portal Locations: Alliance

Draenei will find them in the following locations:

Starting Zone: Draenei
[Image: screenshot20120218at435.png]

Exodar: In front of the gate.
[Image: screenshot20120218at430.png]

Dwarf/Gnomes will find them in the following locations:

Starting Zone: Dwarf
[Image: screenshot20120218at442.png]

Starting Zone: Gnomes (Right behind where you spawn)
[Image: 84gntsDl.jpg]

Ironforge: Inside the city just past the gate.
[Image: screenshot20120218at436.png]

Humans will find them in the following locations:

Starting Zone: Human
[Image: screenshot20120218at450.png]

Goldshire: Between the Forge and Inn
[Image: screenshot20120218at448.png]

Stormwind: In front of the bank
[Image: screenshot20120218at444.png]

Night Elves will find them in the following locations:

Starting Zone: Night Elf
[Image: screenshot20120218at429.png]

Darnassus: Next to the bank [The bear shaped tree]
[Image: screenshot20120218at428.png]

OOC Area: GM Island

When you make your way to the portal, the first place you're going to want to go when not RPing is the Out of character area [OOC Area]. This place is your one-stop shop for most everything. It has your class trainer, profession trainers, armor vendors and even custom items vendors that our GMs have been so kind to provide us with.

All the profession vendors are in the Airship in the sky. Use the portal on the hill near it in order to get up on there if you lack a flying mount. Class trainers are inside and on the top floor of the building on GMI. The tattoo, special weapons vendor, EXP eliminator, clothing/accessory vendors and the two NPCs involved in the gold quest are on the middle floor. The transmog, void storage, barbor chairs, level 85 gear vendors and the guild registry/tabard vendor are all on the bottom level. The riding trainer, Innkeeper and special mount vendor is are all on the outside of the GMI building. All off and alone, near the OOC portal on the dock, is the fishing trainer.

What's with that shrine to the side?

That is the Dice Shrine. Receive its blessings before you go out into the world in RP, for it may just turn the tide in your next roll battle. The dice dogs are cruel yet merciful, they teach us humility. Glory to the dice!

What's with the Slime by the trees?

Worgen learn all their racial abilities from the Oozling of training. Go to this NPC [near the dice shrine] in order to learn all worgen racial abilities, this includes the ability to shift forms as well as being able to use running wild. They're all free, just get the scrolls from the NPC, exit it's sales window and right click the scrolls to learn the ability.

Open Office

One of the many important things that goes on in OOC is Open Office. It is during this time that GMs will make a global announcement and take any questions, comments or concern that you may have. You can ask them about character concepts, have them take tokens to level you to 50 and even answer any tickets you may have open during the time. If other people are there and in the chair, it is asked that you remain quiet until they are finished asking and are satisfied with the answer they received.

When Open Office is not being held, but you need a GM, you can always contact one by using the .gm ingame command and whisper one of the GMs that appear on the list!

Playing Dress-up

Now that you know all about the OOCC, you might be wondering about everyone in all their fancy gear and...is that mage wearing a warlock raid set? What about that death knight decked up in paladin armor? Something seems a little off here...doesn't armor have restrictions?

Normal armor carries the same restrictions you may be used to, however RP items have lessened these restrictions.

What restrictions are still in place?

You cannot wear armor outside what your class can wear. Mages will not be running around in leather armor and priests cannot wield giant two-handed swords. We like to keep it in the realm of realism of what each class can wear and what weapons they would know how to use. Legendary items and lore items are also off-limits. Some items are restricted to faction but there is no set list on what is and is not.

Why do the items all have +25 stamina?

The RP items have minor states so that you are able to transmog them with real gear, this way you're not fully undefended when you go out to RP in areas with mobs. When a character hits 85, they gain access to two vendors who sell gear and weapons that you can use to transmog your RP sets. The two Orcs are located at the bottom level of GMI across from the tabard dealer.

How do I get these items?

There are a couple ways to go out about this. First off are the commands. The two commands you need to know are;

.lo rp [.lookup rpitem]
.add [.addrpitem]

The first command is for looking up an item in the database in order to preview it as well as being able to add it to your inventory easily. If an item does not show up on this list, it means it is a custom item, a Cata item or it is unavailable to players for whatever reason. The second command is for adding the item you want to your bags. Unless you have downloaded the fix, added items will come up as a giant red question mark. They also go invisible when you put them in your bank, but the item can be seen by hovering over the slot the item is in.

To add an item, just follow these simple steps:

Type .lo rp and part of the item's name. A list should come up like so [I used .lo rp Staff of for this example]

[Image: screenshot20120415at309.png]

From there, I decided that I want to add [Greatstaff of the Nexus]. I do this by typing in .add and then shift-clicking the name of the item in the list given and then hit enter. (.add [Greatstaff of the Nexus]) The item should be added to your bag and from there you can equip it to your character.

Another method you can use is by finding the item number of the item you want displayed. To do this, go to www.wowhead.com and search for the item you want. The item ID number will show up in the URL as the last part of the url. Once more I am using [Greatstaff of the Nexus] as an example.


Take the number at the end of the URL, in this case 40489, and add the number 200000 [five zeros] to it. The number will come out to be 240489. Once you have the proper item ID number with 200000 added to it just type in .add and the item number. For this example, it would be .add 240489. Once you hit enter, the item should have been added into your inventory.

A list of items that do not show up on wowhead, but are addable to your inventory can be found here, in Kretol's blog.

Profile section clarification

So now you're all snazzed up, strutting down the city streets with that fresh new look while you wait out your month to be able to apply for gruntship. You have an idea for your character and you're ready to share it to the world. It is time to put your lore knowledge out there and write a character profile to go though the submission process! Before we get to that though, it's best to explain what each section of the board means to avoid confusion.

Character profiles [The main section where all the sub-forums show]

This spot is for profiles that have been spell-checked, grammar checked and lore-checked by yourself. You only put a profile here when it is, to the best of your knowledge, as grammatically correct and lore friendly as you can possible make it. This is the first step of the profile approval process. In this section, GMs and Forum Helpers [FHs] will comment on your profile and help you out with anything they find that might be wrong! We will try to be as gentle with you as possible should mistakes be found and we want to work with you to make sure your knowledge in lore increases as you dive into our server!

Note: Just because we point something out is not a reason for panic! Everyone can only learn from the experience.

Note: Grunts and Peons are allowed to comment on profiles, but you do not have to take their word as finial. Don't shrug their comments off though, they might have a good point! If, at any moment, you feel as though someone is talking down to you or being rude to you about a profile, do not hesitate to speak to a GM about it. Rudeness is not tolerated.

Initial Approval

I was given initial approval in my profile, what does that mean? Did I do something wrong?

These are the most common questions I receive when someone gets an initial stamp on their profile. If something was off, a comment would follow the stamp. If you simply see the words 'Initial approval', don't fret! This section is for FHs/GMs to use when they think a profile is fine, but would like a second opinion on it before it makes it's way to being fully approved. It could be moved here for any number of reasons such as the reader not being sure with the lore of that race or they're not too sure if something should be an issue or not. This does not mean you did anything wrong, it is a tool for us to use to better ourselves with familiarizing with new things.

For example, I am horrible with Tauren, Gnome and Dwarf lore. Normally when I come across a profile that contains these races, I give it an initial if nothing sticks out to me as needing to be fixed. This is not because of the writer, it is because I am not good with the lore and fear that I might have missed something major because I am not the best with Gnomes. Another FH or Gm that knows the subject will then pick the profile up from there.


This section is where you can post profiles that are a work-in-progress [WIP] and get feedback from the community about how to make it better before you even post it in the normal sections. Use and abuse this section as much as you want. Remember though, threads in this section will be automatically deleted after ninety [90] days of the last post.

Note: Inactive profiles are moved here after six days of no updates or response.

Approved Profiles Pending Gruntship

Approved profiles of Peons are moved here once they are given a full okay! Once you become a grunt, the profiles will be moved out to the 'Profiles to Wikify' sub-forum.

Profiles to Wikify

Fully approved profiles of Grunts, FHs and GMs will be moved here. Once the profile is put on the wiki, it will be moved to the 'Approved Profile Archives'.

Approved Profile Archives

Profiles that are fully approved and put onto the wiki get moved here for archiving purposes.

Special Profiles

See here for more information.

This section isn't something your really need to worry about until you become a grunt, as peons are not able to submit special profiles, but I will still give a bit of clarity on this section. Special profiles are for characters who are special classes, such as demon hunters, or who have any sort of influence or power on the character. The most common example of this is characters who are of nobility because they get wealth and influence due to being a noble. Special profiles are posted in the PD with a title such as:

Reigen [Blood Elf] [Death Knight] [Dragonsworn/Noble]

Note: Special profiles can only be approved by a GM, and require two approvals, thus they take a bit longer than a normal profile to get approved.

The following things are only allowable though special profiles or other special processes:
  • Nobles
  • Characters that are an officer or above [See here for ranks.]
  • Demon hunters
  • Dragonsworn
  • Felsworn
  • Guards/Wardens
  • Officials with political sway
  • Non-CMC ghoul minions.

Custom Model Characters [CMCs]
CMCs are granted to Grunts only, though getting one is a rare occurrence. Any race beyond what you see at the character creation screen is considered a CMC and must be applied for in the proper section. Kretol is the only one who may approve these.

Your first profile!

Now that you've got an understanding of the different sections in the Character Profile forum, it's time to write your very first profile. I highly suggest you work on it first in the workshop in order to receive help from other players before you post it in the main section, but that's up to you! I'll break down the template for you here to clear up any sort of confusion. The template for profiles can be found here.

General information:

Quote:Player: [Your forum name goes here]

Character Full Name: [First and Last name of the character. Trolls and Dreanei need not add a last name.]

Character In-Game Name: [The name that appears above your head ingame.]

Nickname(s): [Anything your character is called outside of their ingame name]

Association(s): [Who do they call themselves apart of? A blood elf would be associated with Silvermoon and the Horde, by example]

Race: [The race of the character. Use the names that appear on the character creation screen. Forsaken are the only expection]

Class: [The IC class of your character. If your class is a different name ICly, put the OOC class next to it. For example: Necromancer (Mage)]

Skills and Abilities: [Only necessary if there are any abnormal/notable skills/abilities for the character's class]

Age: [Age of the character. Undead characters must put their current age, not when they died.]

Sex: [Male or Female?]

Hair: [Color, length, ect.]

Eyes: [Eye color]

Weight and Height: This is part of the general info section, but broken off due for clarification.



[Both these sections can be determined by this guide here. You can change your in-game scale by using the .scale command and entering a value .9- 1.1 right after. This command can only be used ten times, so use it wisely. Any height outside of that value requires approval from Kretol because he has to change your scale for you. If you want an abnormal height and weight, there should be a good explanation for it.]


Quote:Usual Garments/Armor: [What does your character wear normally? A good place for describing the armor and clothing that your character uses just in case in-game models do not provide the exact look you're going for.]

Other: [Used for anything. Scars, speical jewelry, odd quirks, ect]

Quote:Alignment: [Not needed unless you want it. If you need help figuring out your characters alignment, you can use this for a quick reference or this for something a bit more in-depth.]

Personality: [How your character thinks and feels about the world. How they normally act to things they often come in contact with, their mannerism. Is sally a sweet girl from the south or is she your rebel girl who doesn't play by the rules? Tell us here! Make sure the characters history matches with the personality. If you put that your character is a sweet angel, but her history is full of killing people, we're going to question it.]

Quote:History: [This is the most important part of the character profile. It lets us know how well you are with general lore and how well you're able to use the lore we have to shape your character into what it is today. There are many guides on the various races and classes that you can read. WoWpedia is also a good place to go if you need help with lore.

When in doubt, the workshop is a great place to ask for help.]

When you feel your profile is ready to post in the main section, be sure to check that you have everything needed in order to make sure the profile passes though quickly. Before you post a profile you will want to take a look at this. Here's a checklist for you before you submit a profile:
  • All sections [alignment, other and skills and abilities excluded] are filled out.
  • The history and personality section comes out to at least ten full lines across when posted.
  • There are no colors, bolding and italic in the profile.
  • It has been proof-read for spelling and grammar errors. It is encouraged you get an outsider to proof-read it for you, or that you read it out loud.
  • The title of the thread contains the name, race and class of the character.


When writing a profile, know that it is okay to draw inspiration from other sources. There is a fine line between taking inspiration and stealing though and it is important you know the difference.

What is okay
  • Taking a character concept and fitting it with WoW lore and standards.
  • Twisting the name to be similar, yet different. [Leona - Lieonai]
  • Making hints to the original work. [Chosen by the sun - Character deluded into thinking the sun speaks to her]

Here is an example of a character that takes inspiration from a game:

My character Lieonai is a paladin who worships the sun due to a paranoia she had over the darkness. When visiting the Sunwell after it's restoration, she was deluded into thinking the sun was speaking to her though it, wanting her to do it's bidding. She now goes around protecting others who embrace the sun because she thinks that is her purpose in life.

The character she is based off of is Leona from League of Legends. In this case, the character was going to be killed for refusing to kill another, but the sun saved her and chose her to be its champion. This character is a tank with a large shield, thus it made sense to make it a blood elf paladin for me. The back stories are not the same at all and there is a hint or two to the original work.

What is not okay
  • Trying to make up your own lore in order to make the character fit.
  • Using exact names right down to the spelling.
  • Taking names, places and terms right from the original work. [City of Night - City of Night]

Here is an example of stealing a character:

Edward is a Night elf death knight who is in love with a human and has a rare skin condition which causes him to sparkle in the sunlight. His whole family are death knights who live in this super secret place that no one can find because of magic stones that the death knights made. The human wants to be turned into a death knight but he refuses because of how much he loves her. There's a worgen in there too causing problems for his Love.


Private Discussion Forum

Have a concept that you're not sure will fly? Want to talk over a few event ideas with the GMs? This is the spot to go! The private discussion forum is a place where players can go and post ideas that that you would like GM feedback on before going public with it. Do not be afraid to use this section when you think of a pretty awesome idea. This way you can get the word of each GM so everyone can reach an understanding. Keep in mind you will not see any topics but your own, so don't think it's empty. Check back to the section often, as it will not pop up on the 'Latest Treads' list. It may take the GMs a bit to get to it, but rest assured they'll get to anything as fast as they can!

Obtaining Gruntship

All that's left after getting your first profile approved is to wait for your month to be up before you apply for gruntship. In this section, I'll highlight the requirements as well as mention how to make sure everything goes smoothly for your application, so that it can be approved as fast as possible.

  • A month of activity
  • One approved profile
  • A story in your introduction or somewhere on the forums

Tips for getting approved
  • Make sure you're actually active in the community.
If we don't know who you are, chances are we're not going to approve you unless we've seen you around. Posting on the forums helps a lot as well as making yourself known in-game as ready and willing to start some RP. Strike up friendly conversations in Barrens and in OOCC. The more vocal you are, the more we'll be able to look at an application and go "Oh hey, this person is totally active!".
  • Make sure you have a story in your introduction
Believe it or not, a lot of people forget to add in a story by the time they apply to be a grunt. If you posted a story, but it's somewhere else on the forums, link it in the application. We're not going to go searching though your posts on the off chance that you did post one somewhere beyond your introduction.
  • Give detailed answers
We want to know what you really think so the server can grow and improve to be a better place for everyone involved. If you give us short, vague answers we cannot possible learn from our mistakes in order to improve the community. The more detailed the answers are, the happier we are, even if it's pointing out things you dislike and wish would change. Please avoid one-lined answers and pour your heart out to us. No matter what you say, good or bad, it will not effect our decision in approving the questionnaire.
  • Have all eight questions answered.
Sometimes people forget to scroll down with the template and only end up with four out of the eight questions needed.

Ending Notes

Once all is said and done and you've made it past your first month on CoTH, give yourself a pat on the back!

Thanks for reading and I hope this guide helps you out though any confusion you may have about this server. If you still have questions, or think there's something that you'd like to see added for future users, shoot me a PM or post here and I'll go about adding it to the right section. I hope you enjoy your time while here and get to experience all the great things that keeps most of us here.

A special thanks to all the GMs and FHs who helped with making this guide as informative as possible.

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I am gonna say that you are simply awesome for doing this. I can tell by personal experience that I was indeed confused in the start but this.. this guide goes over everything. Awesome job miss.
[Image: pj3isZU.gif]

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"I don't like kittens that much anymore", she says!
>immediately puts a photo of two kittens on one of her guides

As for the guide, is it just awesome.
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I have an image to keep up with!

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This is most definitely going on the wiki. Great job, Reigen!
Quote:Edward is a Night elf death knight who is in love with a human and has a rare skin condition which causes him to sparkle in the sunlight. His whole family are death knights who live in this super secret place that no one can find because of magic stones that the death knights made. The human wants to be turned into a death knight but he refuses because of how much he loves her. There's a worgen in there too causing problems for his Love.



So much love in this guide <3
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
(04-25-2012, 07:45 AM)ImagenAshyun Wrote:
Quote:Edward is a Night elf death knight who is in love with a human and has a rare skin condition which causes him to sparkle in the sunlight. His whole family are death knights who live in this super secret place that no one can find because of magic stones that the death knights made. The human wants to be turned into a death knight but he refuses because of how much he loves her. There's a worgen in there too causing problems for his Love.



So much love in this guide <3

Where have I seen that before?

Anyway, thats a pretty neat guide, Reigen! But it's so unfair...

Why wasn't it here...

When I started? ;C
[Image: tumblr_mhvoxjHaqC1rzearvo2_500.gif]
Casually humorous
Because I thought the rules were obvious for a while until I got a bunch of questions about it all! I thought I should try to fix it to spare a lot of common questions I and others would get.
(04-25-2012, 02:56 AM)Reigen Wrote: Darnasses

Freudian slip, there. It's Darnassus. /snicker. And Draenei.

Otherwise, a damn fine guide. Thanks for writing it! It's bound to help the newer blood.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
...With how nightelves are? That might as well be true.


*fixes typos.*
(04-25-2012, 11:28 AM)Reigen Wrote: ...With how nightelves are? That might as well be true.


*fixes typos.*

We need a dislike button. >:C

This is awesome. Very nice job!
I like how you have Blood Elves first. >:(

But nice guide. ^.^
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Frogspawned: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


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Dang, that is a sweet guide, you might say.

"Let's go to the CoTH, oh baby, let's go to the CoTH!"

[Image: dadventure182.jpg]
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
Incredibly well done, Reigen! :)

Quote:Below is a very helpful guide made by the lovely dastmo!
[Image: oh-stop-it-you.png]
Guide under construction until I update it to reflect upon the new OOC zone.

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