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Svempagunnar's personal/lfg
Hello people. This part of the forum needed love, and I was nostalgic and bored.
I'm looking for RP of any kind. One offs, long storylines, in games, over Skype, whatever. I'm that starved.

Roleplaying is something rather new for me, I never got to play here for more than a few months with a few friends I made. I'm a bit awkward with it but I try my best. Basically I'm a complete amateur and I don't want to mislead anyone with expectations. Also my availability is shitty at best, either I RP all day everyday and barely sleep or I don't for months with little warning. (sorry celen and kyth)

I never intentionally go for ERP, I just tend to get dragged into it. I don't know why, I've never been looking for it but if it happens it happens. So whatever floats your boat with that, just please tell me OOC if you don't want it to happen between characters because ehem. All the OOC gender and whatever gender your character is never mattered to me.

With OOC things I'm all for getting to know each other and that. But if I don't get along with anyone for any reason I've succesfully Rp'ed with people with barely talking OOC at all. So I won't spam your Skype/steam/whatever for months just for RPing a one off, I can handle that. Most times.

Settings I'd like to RP:

Anything Warhammer 40k, I'd even play a servo skull if I had to. I just love the setting and will fangirl/boy/gender/nongender for hours about it if you bring it up.

Medieval settings/high fantasy - Warcraft and likewise. Haven't done any non fantasy medieval so I would love to do that too.

Norse RP - Trudvang style, Nordic folklore and vikings.

I don't exclude anything though, you have an idea for a setting then I'd love to at least try playing in it.

Skype: Svempagunnar (Picture of Hannibal Lecter)
Steam: Svempagunnar
Tumblr: http://svempantbk.tumblr.com/

I've never roleplayed in a game that isn't Wow, but I'm very willing to try. If it's a game I don't own I might even buy it just for the roleplay.
[Image: fe0b9a1fd1428a342c5286397496ae13ad4ef025...b14c91.jpg]

Warning: May lead to increased susceptibility to and general intolerance of spinning shit.
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