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Syrith Astralfire [Blood Mage]
Player: Mayarien

Character Full Name: Syrith Astralfire

Character In-Game Name: Syrith

Nickname(s): She’ll settle for ‘Syri’.

Association(s): The Magisters of Silvermoon, the city itself, and the Sin’dorei.

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Blood Mage (Warlock)

Age: 683

Sex: Female

Hair: Shoulder length, and a rich red colour.

Eyes: Fel-green

Scale/Height: 1.04/6’ft

Weight: 143lbs

Usual Garments/Armor: Syrith publicly displays herself in red, black, gold, and green robes, primarily; bold colours that evoke the essence of the Sin’dorei—an image befitting a Magistrix. The very threads of her clothing resonate, to those perceptive enough to detect it, with the energy supporting wards and enchantments. In private she usually dresses more humbly, preferring loose garments and softer tones.

Other: Often seen shadowing her is an Arcane Golem in miniature and on all fours; a cat of stone, crystal, and magic. It was a prototype given to her by something of an eccentric in the field of Arcano-Engineering. It confers no bonuses of any kind and would probably fall apart if kicked hard enough, or drained of the energy sustaining it. As a matter of fact, both of those things have already accidentally happened to it.


Young at heart, Syrith confronts all that is unfamiliar to her with boldness and curiosity, and approaches much of everything else with a confidence that sometimes belies her experience. She regularly bites off far more than she can chew, and the intervention of a friend is sometimes required to extricate her from the trouble she often finds herself in.

Beneath the flair, it may come as a surprise that the clockwork of her mind is ever whirring to some end or another, and that her thoughts are further from her lips than one might believe.

Untouched by the flame that keeps her passion lit, she is expressive, ardent, romantic, and enthusiastic in all that interests her. The pursuits that kindle her spirit range from those you might expect, such as the Arcane and the affairs of her people, to more personal delights like philosophy and art, particularly music. Though she claims she lacks the talent to play an instrument, she has spent many hours in the company of musicians.

She dances too, but there is no secret more closely guarded in all of the High Kingdom.

When it comes to the other races she shares Azeroth with, Syrith’s feelings can be tidily summed up by saying that those capable of mastering the Arcane intrigue her. She finds the fumbling of the lesser races amusing and concerning at once, whilst being awed by experience of Draenei and Highborne. She believes their true potential is inhibited by their respective cultures, however.


Syrith was overflowing with energy as a child, and most of it was poured gleefully into intellectual pursuits. From the first moment, the first time she saw a spell being woven by an Arcanist, she knew that was what she wanted to learn. Though her tutoring touched on all of the primary schools, she excelled in evocation and conjuration above all. Her spirit seemed to come alive when she was slinging the elements around or calling her imagination to existence.

Though peace reigned for the high elven people, Syrith was eager to put her abilities to the test. An opportunity to do so arrived when she found herself assisting a Spellbreaker in bringing a human Arcanist, suspected of criminal misuse of her powers, to justice. Though the target ultimately slipped through their fingers, the Spellbreaker was grateful for Syrith’s aid, and they continued to work together on future cases.

Through her collaboration with the Spellbreaker, Syrith grew to have a greater understanding of the dangers Azeroth faced, even from those who desired to protect it. Her appreciation and respect for magic increased greatly. She acquired the clear sense of morality she carries to the present day, but retained a rebelliousness that allowed her to see other perspectives as well. Whether she was in pursuit of justice or championing the cause of the damned however, she did so with her usual fervour.

In order to keep up with the demands of her occupation, which frequently involved brushes with the unexpected, she redoubled her efforts in study and practice. In time, she rose as a capable Magistrix, and began to shoulder the additional responsibilities as such. Much to the dismay of her mentors and teachers, she remained rather unmanageable and wild despite it all.

Not even the fall of Silvermoon could temper Syrith’s ardour. When she realized that Quel’thalas had succumbed to the might of the Scourge, her first and only desire was to live, to have the time to plan and arrange her revenge. She swore then to do whatever it took, and gladly followed her Prince.

Though she remained sceptical of the Naga, and even more so of Illidan and his Illidari, it was impossible to deny that these strange benefactors had saved her people in more than one way. She did what was required her, recognising the delicate nature of the situation. She wanted to be part of the future, helping to shape the nascent Sin’dorei. For there to be a future, she knew, there were obstacles to overcome. And she was willing to tackle them.

When in Outland assisting in the development of techniques to absorb the magical essence of other creatures, she was introduced to, and had the privilege to utilise unusual artifacts termed ‘Verdant Spheres’. Needless to say, her time on the sundered otherworld was spent testing these useful vessels extensively. Under the tutelage of Illidari spellcasters, she was taught other unique abilities as well, not the least of which the true power and form of the fire she had come to identify with.

Standing among those who assisted in taking Tempest Keep, Syrith returned to Azeroth along with the captive naaru, M’uru. There, she worked alongside the Magisters of Silvermoon in discovering a way to channel the divine being’s energy and imbue select individuals with it. The Blood Knight order was formed, with Liadrin at its helm. It had felt right and good to see the Light returned to her people. During that time, she dealt closely with two Knights in particular, and grew familiar with the mechanisms of their order.

For a short while after the Sunwell’s restoration, she chose to remain in Silvermoon to teach others all that she had learnt. Perhaps the conflict had taken its toll on her after all. But when the call came for Sin’dorei troops to accompany the Forsaken to Northrend in order to face the Lich King, Syrith rose to answer it.

Upon her return and the victory of the combined might of the Alliance and Horde, the Blood Mage seemed almost invigorated. Once again there was energy in all that she said and did, as though a burden had been lifted from her. Once more, she stepped up to fight that which challenged Azeroth’s existence, and she continues to struggle to that end.

Skills and Abilities:

Syrith operates the way you’d expect a Warlock to, for the most part.

Fire, particularly the explosively effective kind, is her favoured offensive medium. Cardinal in her incendiary arsenal is the ability to conjure forth a phoenix to assist her in battle. She was once informed that the being was called ‘Khirsah’ and now refers to it by that name.

She possesses three Verdant Spheres, and these orbs have the ability to innervate a spell or expand its capabilities à la soul shards.

Naturally, Syrith is well versed in the other iconic abilities of her class, such as the banishment of demonic and elemental entities, and draining the essence of living things.
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