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TBC Install Link
Just a question before I go through the arduous task of loading TBC to my computer, is it the EU version that is linked for dowload on the site as before when I had checked it out it ended in '.US' If it is the TBC US version will it be compatable with my EU WoW or is there another link I need to follow.

Any help or assisstance on this topic would be greatly appreicted as by the end of tonight I hope to be on live realms :D

If it ends in .us, it's the US version, I believe. As far as if it will work with the EU version, I'm not sure.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

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After the 4 hour install, the installer client decided to tell me right at the end it was only compatible with the North American WoW version. So if anyone else was ever wondering if the installer works with the EU version, it doesent. :D

Here is a very helpfull site with regards to downloading either normal WoW or TBC if you have lost or missplaced any of the disks. Typically I only found out about this after nagging my friends to dig out their disks for which turned into a huge fuss XD

http://www.wow-europe.com/en/burningcru ... index.html


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