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Take it easy.
Alright, this is a common problem when things start to heat up quickly, people get worked up. There's gonna be a lot of change coming around, and a lot of situations where there's going to be a lot of people in the same place. It's gonna be real easy to get worked up about things that happen IC, especially in combat. Breathe. Just take a moment and chill, because when you start getting pissed off IRL, things IC go to hell.

1. Remember, it's okay for a town to become over run with a demonic horde IC, it could make for some great RP down the line. Hell, even if the -world- is lost, it could be cool. Survivalist RP, small colonies of humanoids trying to regroup and stay alive. OOC, it's a win-win situation.

2. People are going to play their characters the way they want to, unless they do it in a way that's corrosive to server rules, then there's little you, or we can do about it.

3. Don't angst out on the forums. Venting is good, but venting is also done best in a private setting with people you trust. Once you've calmed down a bit, then decide whether or not it's something that seriously needs to be up here.

4. Don't instantly blame GMs. We often have good reason for what we do. Once more, take time and think about it before you call us all out and then go, "Oh...wow. My bad."

5. Just be respectful to other players. Don't taunt them OOC in chat. Don't rub anything in their face. If you do, you're propagating OOC drama. I'd be more then happy to punt you.

6. You're mortal. It's okay to run. Unless you want your character to have some big bang death, standing before a Horde of creatures. Run. Run one day, fight again the next.
Siv, "A line o' ratchet white, and a scrape of gunpowder lata'...I was wonderin' round Stranglethorn Vale havin' soul searchin' conversations with raptors. Three days lata ah came back t' Booty Bay. Lo'n'behold, ah 'ad dreadlocks."

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