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Talent agency idea
Well basically I'm thinking of creating a character who runs a talent agency here are the details.

The agency looks for potential stars that do the following things:


The goal is to make a scouted talent big and popular and earn pots and pots of never ending gold.

Goals for the signed talent would be to boost their image and popularity.

My character will be the boss of it all and he'd be a cocky fella who can't pull his self away from the mirror and is mostly rude to people, he thinks he is the main man about because he has looks and the money.

I'm putting this in general discussion because I'd like to see who would be interested in this as I'll need some people to start this up with which would be:

One/Two bodyguards.
A star singer preferably who thinks they are the -best- around and keeps demanding luxury's from the agency, but I don't mind the person who's interested in doing their own thing.

If enough people are interested in this PM me with some character ideas that would be suitable for a talent agency.

If the idea gets enough interest it should make for some good RP.
What is this talent agency doing? I mean, are they researching talent for the arts like plays and stuff? Or are they some sort of neutral organization that act as scouts for jobs for other organizations? What's their goal at hand, is what I'm asking.
ಠ_ಠ : Like Fo Fi Cops.
I've got a character that already kind of does this, Johnny Narles. He searches for women to do magic, and such in his show. He looks for people that have skills in acting, subterfuge, arcane arts, acrobatics, and dexterity.
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