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Tanaris Fever
This thread is intended to keep track of events, goings-on and other important things related to the Sickness in the Sands event.

I'll be updating it regularly with information, so keep posted!

Major Characters

Below is a list of the major characters and notable figures you can expect to find during the event.

All of these figures are played by GMs. Each character designed to pass out missions and background information to players to help foster RP and add depth to the atmosphere.

The Beaufort Children: The first generation descendants of the city’s founder, the three Beaufort children now serve as the port’s ruling council in the wake of their father’s death.

After the outbreak the three children moved to the Refugee Camp. There they organize efforts to rescue survivors and keep the zombies within until a cure is found.

"Slim": An entrepreneurial Consortium Ethereal, this businessman has set up a small canteen outside the infected zone. While he is eager to feed the heroes cheap booze, he is secretly there to plunder the city.

Slim will send adventurers on quests to collect gold and valuables from the ruins. Has an interest in finding a cure so that he can sell it when the demand is high enough.

Action Jaxon: A 'diplomat' from the Steamwheedle Cartel, Action has been sent here to ensure the infection destroys the bay and its chances of being a competition in the area.

Action will send adventurers into the zone to destroy parts of the settlement and kill/infect important survivors.

The Medic: Fearing for those survivors still within the Infected Zone but unwilling to take them out of the cordon, a small hospital was formed on a cleared-out section of the docks.

The doctor will send players out to retrieve survivors, heal the wounded and attempt to ease the suffer of the sick. The doctor will also organize efforts to protect the hospital.

The Scientist: The scientist’s unconventional mind has been tasked with finding a cure for this outbreak. As such they have settled into their new base and begun their work, dedicated to the cause in mind even if their sanity is…Somewhat lacking.

The scientist will send players out to test possible cures/equipment. They will also ask players to retrieve specimens for testing.


Currently we have three NPC models that you will see populating the event zone. Each has specific elements and characteristics you should note when interacting with them.

Zombified Citizens are infected citizens who have been resurrected by their brain worms. Having begun to decay quickly in the heat, these corpses attack by running at enemies and tearing them open with claws and teeth to drink their blood.

Infected Citizens are living citizens who carry the brain parasite in their heads.

The parasite takes six hours from ingestion to grow and take control of the victim's mind. The individual begins to suffer full sensory hallucinations. The worm drives them towards violence until, driven by the images, the individual seeks to actively spread the infection through whatever perverted reasons they create to justify their madness.

Infected Citizens have all their normal abilities. Some even retain a fraction of their reason as they struggle against their urge to harm and kill. Many, however, have descended into madness and are feral creatures.

Infected Citizens can use weaponry, open doors, handle machinery and solve any normal problem that do not require patience.

Survivors are un-infected citizens who are either roaming within the Refugee Camp or are trapped within the Infected Zone.


Bueafort Bay, after the outbreak, is now divided into two segments. Each section is further divided into smaller areas.

Infected Zone
The infected zone is the area within the walls that constitutes the city proper. Entering this zone constitutes an acceptance that your character is now placed in mortal danger. Do not enter if you do not respect this Character Warning.

The area is further divided into:
  • The Hospital - A safe harbor in the normally dangerous area, the Hospital is on the two connected boats in the bay.

    Guards are in place. The Hospital constitutes a 'Safe Zone'.
  • The Boat - The half-finished skeleton of a boat, this hulking monstrosity is home to some foul creatures...Though many of the mindless rabble remain safely below.
  • The Town - The body of the area itself, the town encompasses all the little buildings, tents and halls. The town hall, barn, local houses and fair grounds can all be found here. The place is teaming with the infected and is a dangerous place.

Refugee Camp
The Refugee Camp is nothing more then a hastily-assembled series of tents that houses the sparse population of survivors of the outbreak. All of the area that is not within the walls but is not outside the connector cave is considered the Refugee Camp.

The areas is further divided into:
  • The Inn - Nothing more than a few tents, tables and plenty of cheap beer, the inn was established by a group of money-minded Consortium Ethereals.

    Their motivation, however, remains a mystery.

    The inn is home to many quest givers and colorful characters.
  • The Lab - Nothing more than a series of cages and tents near the entrance to the Infected Zone, the lab is home to all scientists who are attempting to create a cure.
  • The Tent City – The series of ramshackle tents and canvas huts make up the settlement and defensive perimeter. An even mix of survivors and heroes are settled into the perimeter, bent on either surviving or keeping the infection at bay.
  • The Gate – The gate to the side is heavily fortified and protected. The infected have learned that going against it means death so the abominations have skulked off to find an alternative form of escape.


Random encounters and NPC-given missions are present throughout the day during the week-long event. They are random and are held based on where players are, what players are doing in the area and GM availability.

Major events are posted regularly and held at a time best fitting all schedules. All events will be posted three days in advance with short biopics.

Event #1Completed

Event #2Completed

Event #3Ended Wrong
When: Friday, December 22th at 3:00 Server Time
Where: Beaufort Bay
Who : Any and All are Welcome
What: Event Conclusion, where a cure is found and all manner of problems are resolved.
Event #1 has been completed! Thank you again, everyone who helped build and host the event. It was a team effort.

Event #2’s info is also posted.

Mini-events will be held all throughout the week, so stick around the event area. NPCs and player controlled characters will have work and there are always random encounters within the Infected Zone.

The Story So Far...

The event began with Rum Day, a celebration that marked the founding of Beaufort Bay. In the morning the townsfolk sat down to a feast before holding an open fair later on in the day.

The fair kicked off with the Dating Game. The game was stopped early, however, when the female contestant became ill and needed to be removed.

Not wanting to spoil the mood, the Mayor sent the fairgoers off to the outdoor arena to play a round of Dodgeball.

Halfway through the dodgeball game an explosion rocked the bay, putting the game on hold. The citizenry were rioting, the once peaceful drunks now hostile. The attendants cleared out the arena before moving to the Bay’s main gate, clearing the resistance and keeping away the rioters while goblins set up a defensive perimeter.

During the attack one of the mayors, Jacques Beaufort, was bitten in the neck. Half delirious, he ran around securing the amenities for the survivors before collapsing.

The Mayor bribed the Ethereals to sell food and alcohol to the survivors and heroes. The Ethereals set up shop in a small peninsula north of the Bay and outside the cave’s mouth.

The Mayor bribed a few Gadgetzan technicians to set up a portal between Beaufort Bay and Gadgetzan. It is now open near the cave’s mouth.

The Mayor appointed Dino as head of the Medical Division before passing out.

After his promotion Dino lead a group to reclaim two docked ships in the Infected Zone. These docked ships are to serve as a hospital and safe zone for survivors not allowed back into the Survivor Camp.

Last event is up!

Event #3Ended Wrong
When: Friday, December 22th at 3:00 Server Time
Where: Beaufort Bay
Who : Any and All are Welcome
What: Event Conclusion, where a cure is found and all manner of problems are resolved...And some new problems created.
I'll attend so people can play "chase down and cure the one PC that has the disease." c:
Hm, need any help with keeping The Story So Far... up to date?
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... wait wait.

Don't you mean Friday 23rd? The 22nd was on a Thursday, heh.
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