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Tarrika Skywind [Night Elf Warden]
Player: Naressai

Character Full Name: Tarrika Skywind

Character In-Game Name: Tarrika

Nickname(s): Rika

Association(s): Watchers, Kal'Dorei, Alliance

Race: Night Elf

Class: Warden

Skills and Abilities: Typical Warden abilities, blink, fan of knives, poisonous daggers ect.

Age: 4,759

Sex: Female

Hair: Silvery white

Eyes: Silver

Weight: 262 lbs

Height: 6'8"

Usual Garments/Armor: While on a mission or on duty she wears the typical Warden armor. When training she wears lighter armor, and when relaxing she wears normal clothes, looser fitting usually.

Other: N/A

Personality: Tarrika is a fairly quiet person, always preferring action to words. She is quite passionate about what she believes in, her time a a Warden having affected her personality. Sometimes going about her given task with an almost single minded zeal. She is distrustful of other races until they prove themselves allies to her people. Her passion and Zeal for her duties sometimes getting the better of her, often reacting negatively to any criticism about her people from a non Kal'dorei, seeing it not for harmless criticism, but as a possible attack or affront to her people. People have taken to calling her cynical due to her expecting a negative outcome from the actions of most of the other races, believing them to have learned nothing from the past. While on duty she can come across as quite a cold person, though the rare few times she isn't on a mission, she has a warmer, friendlier side to her not often seen because she is either on a mission or because she is a fairly quiet person by nature.

History: Tarrika Skywind was born and raised in Ashenvale during a relatively peaceful stretch of time several thousand years after the Highborne Exile. Her mother was a trained sentinel while her father, hard working and dutiful, could claim only to be a decent smith. Tarrika's mother raised the young woman in the warrior culture of the sentinels, exhausting physical exercise and diligent drilling with a myriad of weapons was the daily schedule. Though still young, perhaps because she was so young, Tarrika took easily to the training and was quickly molded into a living weapon.

In a surprising turn of events she chose not to join the Sentinel's like her mother, and decided instead to become a priestess. Her parents were surprised, at first, but ultimately supported her choice, once Tarrika elaborated her reasoning. The keen young woman repeated something her mother had once told her, "It is better to be proficient in many things than to submit to hubris and become a master of only one." Tarrika posited she already knew the life of a sentinel, now it was time for her to learn the life of a priestess.

She took to her studies and training with the priestesses with the same fervor and zeal she had showed. Tarrika didn't find herself quite so naturally talented as a priestess, though she applied herself to the teachings dutifully as she always had in her ongoing training with her mother and eventually graduated into the order. Now a Priestess of Elune she recognized that her duties to the order came before her personal training with her mother, but the training did fill what free time she was able to arrange. One day while her mother was on patrol and her father otherwise busy with his forge, Tarrika set off to train alone. The young woman was so preoccupied in her toil she never saw the shadowed figure lurking, observing her, and for hours she worked without ceasing. Sufficiently impressed by the display, the figure revealed itself to Tarrika, introducing itself as a warden. Tarrika was pleased to meet the woman, and put as many of her skills on display for the warden as she could, it must have worked as the two agreed to meet again later. This pattern continued for a few weeks, the Warden watching Tarrika train and correcting her slight mistakes, or offering input on a better way to do something. Finally, after almost a month of observation, the Warden asked Tarrika if she would like to be trained as a Warden. Tarrika, of course, eagerly agreed, and went immediately to the Sisters of Elune to secure their blessing to pursue the new path, the woman's parents also giving their elated blessing.

After a little more than a century of training Tarrika's mentor agreed that she was ready to be promoted to a Warden. Tarrika spent the next two and a half thousand years as a Warden, performing her duties, carrying out missions, guarding prisoners, whatever she might be called upon to do. Her experience with each passing assignment visibly strengthened her innate skill. Then came the War of the Shifting Sands, she was sent to Silithus to help push back the Qiraji forces, one of the first to arrive there to help Staghelm's forces and one of the last to leave after their eventually victory. She fought on the front lines for most of the fighting, commanding small force of Sentinels until their victory with the aid of the Dragonflights.

After the War she got back to her old routine, taking missions, guarding prisoners, but with a new zeal. Having seen the horrors of war, she was willing and eager to assassinate anyone and everyone who would bring war to her people. She sought the potential threats out with an unrivaled fervor, distributing justice to those that would harm the Kal'dorei, whether their transgressions were intentional or not.

She was away on a mission when the Orcs found her people in Ashenvale. Upon hearing the news she traveled as quickly as she could, but did not arrive before Cenarius' death at the hands of the Orcs. She was still upset with herself and furious at the Orcs for the slaughter of her people and Cenarius when she heard she would be making a stand at Hyjal with the Orcs. She still sought justice for their past crimes. Tarrika reluctantly agreed after much debate that it was smarter to fight with the orcs than against them in this instance. She, along with her sentinels, were instructed to help hold Tyrande's base against Archimonde's demons as long as they could. Though the orcs server their purpose in the battle of Hyjal, Tarrika couldn't forgive their actions in the past.

When she heard of them planning to make a new world tree she stood against it like Malfurion, while mourning the loss of her immortality she thought purposefully trying to get it back was arrogant and vain, she believed her people deserved immortality, but trying to snatch it from the hands of the gods was, in her eyes, hubris.

She was unsure of the Draenei at first but felt for their plight and largely agreed with the decision to help them and, after learning a bit about them, didn't see them as a problem to her people, a bit strange at worst. She was eventually sent to Outland to keep tabs on the events there, making sure there was no threat to Azeroth or her people. She worked mostly with the Cenarion Circle's expedition there, though occasionally helping some of the other members of the alliance to either protect the Expedition or to get some information on the situation in areas she rarely visited. She continued fighting the Burning Legion and occasionally the Horde when absolutely needed, never missing out on the chance to kill some Orcs. With all threats in Outland either defeated or otherwise neutralized she returned back home, happy to be back in Ashenvale and not a foreign and alien world.

Tarrika went along with the Alliance when they ventured to Northrend to fight the Lich King and his scourge army, again largely to keep tabs on things though she eventually became a full hearted combatant, knowing personally what the undead could do. Fighting for the Alliance Tarrika found herself in the role of a trainer, an adviser, imparting her knowledge of tactics and helping to train the units she was embedded in. Though she would have preferred to be with her sentinels, the Alliance men made a good show of themselves. She pushed forward with her troops and other members of the Alliance until they arrived where Wintergarde Keep would eventually be built, holding that position against Naxxramas's siege until the mighty necropolis fell. After that she went to the areas that needed help the most, eventually ending up in Icecrown with the Argent Crusade, fighting at the final gates to the Lich King himself. After a long and arduous fight, pushing through the scourge front in Icecrown, and into Icecrown Citadel itself, the Argent Crusade finally defeated the Lich King himself. Angry at not having partook in the battle herself, but satisfied the Lich King was defeated, she returned home. Once again staying in Kal'dorei land, not taking any of the few missions that would make her leave, taking a break of sorts while still doing simple assignments.

Then came the cataclysm, with a major new threat against her people she took off to survey the damage done, see what other threats would arise from the wreckage of the cataclysm. She went out to help her people as she has always done, informing her leaders of events that were happening, the changes to the world, and once again fighting alongside her people.
I'd recommend looking back over the personality and seeing if it can be expanded a little bit!

Also, her early history reads a little discordant to me: First she's training and being brought in as a Sentinel, then she's throwing that to the way side to suddenly train and be initiated as a Priestess...and then after a month of being acquainted with the Warden she drops her Order to become a Warden. That's quite capricious, which doesn't show up as a trait in her personality nor in the rest of her history, and likely not something that would be appreciated in the society as the Sentinels and the Priestesses take their positions quite seriously.

Why the brief stint as a Priestess at all? It would make more sense if she were to go from being a Sentinel (as you already said she was good at it and being molded into a living weapon) to being selected by the Wardens as they're similar skillsets. Rather than the triple jump-around.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
I went over the personality part, added some more to it, I figured I'd have to actually, just wanted some feedback on the rest of it first, and Wardens are highly respected members of Night Elf culture, the first members were chosen from the Priestess's of Elune, I think the Priestess's would be proud another member of their order became a Warden. Since she was never a part of the sentinels they wouldn't care about her stopping from being a Priestess to be a Warden, but would respect her more then just a normal Priestess once she became a Warden. Plus it was kind of a sudden thing, being offered to be trained as a Warden so soon, it wouldn't be something a Night Elf would say no to as long as they had the aptitude for it.
It had read that she was an initiated member of all three, so when you have a chance please revise it to clarify that point. Mainly, clarify that she was never among the Sentinels and that she progressed from a Priestess to a Warden.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
It states she was a member of all three? Where if you don't mind me asking? I only say she became an initiated member of the Sisterhood of Elune, her mother was training her to be a sentinel, so it was expected she would become one, but she decided otherwise.
Sorry -- I said that due to the way it read to me that that's what I got from her beginning history. That's why I requested for it to be clarified in the profile (not just in the comments, which don't make it to the Wiki!) that she wasn't hopping from Sentinel to Priestess to Warden. :) I understand now that she wasn't a formal member of all three, just the latter two.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
It's ok, I fixed the wording a little, hopefully that makes it clearer to everyone ^^ And the personality was extended from what it originally was.
The profile seems to end rather suddenly, with her still in the midst of battle against the Lich King. I suggest adding a paragraph at the end finalizing what happened after and where the character is now.
Added some, and "final gates of the Lich King" meant Icecrown, not literally inside of Icecrown Citadel just before the Lich King, just thought I'd clear that up in case anyone read it like that.
First Approval! (1/2)
Yay! Thank you Reigen! ^^
Thanks for your patience and cooperation~

[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]

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