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Thassilo Feathermane Dwarf Hunter

Player: Therew

Name: Thassilo Feathermane

In-game name: Thassilo

Gender: Male

Class: Hunter/ Griffon rider

Race: Wildhammer Dwarf

Profession(s): Soldier, Tracksman, wildlife expert

Age: 40

Weight: 160

Height: 4’11”

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Red

Hairstyle: Kept short but free.

Tall, slim and tan, Thassilo is actually pretty easy on the eyes as far as dwarves go. A wild beard and feathered attire gives it away that he is a Wildhammer dwarf if his weight and skin tone has not already betrayed that information.

Thassilo is friendly and always willing to chat, tell stories, get drunk or smoke a pipe. Any combination of the mentioned is acceptable as well. His laughs are frequent, loud and from his gut, and few don’t join him in his laughter. He tends to act faster than he can think and it comes across as him having a short attention span when it more along the lines of him always thinking of multiple things at one time. Kind and considerate of his friends one may think there is not a bad bone in his body, but for the things he loves, he loves with his whole heart. Things he hates, he hates them with his entire being.

His temper can be quite explosive under the right situations. His tendency to act before thinking back fires greatly when he is angry, often over reacting to situations and making things worse on himself but more often , worse for whatever he is angry at.


Thassilo grew up as any Wildhammer would, airborne. When asked, Thassilo wouldn’t be able to tell anyone how old he was when he first started to fly, for all he knows he was born on the back of a griffon. His father would neither deny nor confirm this story. Life was smooth and easy for Thassilo during his young childhood, at least till the wars came.

By the time of the Second War Thassilo was 16 and helped his parents who were griffon riders. While they were resting from battles Thassilo took care of their mounts and tended to their armors. It was humble squire work but he was proud to do it no less. As Wildhammer dwarves under the service of Kurdran Wildhammer, Thassilo and his family were caught behind the dark portal when it closed and until its reopening they did their best to survive in the chaotic lands.

During the years they were trapped in Outland Thassilo knew little peace. He had to quickly learn to become more than just a keeper of birds, he had to learn to fight and kill. Of course every dwarf knows these things but Outland had a unique way of teaching and testing the young dwarf. Thassilo grew into a dwarf his parents could be proud of. His skill with throwing axes was something to behold and most felt he had the right to brag about his skills airborne on a griffon. After so many years in Outland Thassilo grew to love the place and emotionally invested in protecting it but after the Lich king’s fall his family felt it was time for Thassilo to see his true home again and really choose between the two worlds. Now in the wake of Deathwing's attacks he serves under Haiko as a proud member of The Regiment. His love for Outland not forgotten but now overshadowed by a concern for the well-being of his people and their cousins.

[Image: c36335d73555714146b393bce05c4a74.jpg]

[Image: 1219597_c9f207c53e0656326cf233adf2569bb2.jpg]
Can you double space between paragraphs in the personality and history, please?
Every single time. lol. XD

[Image: c36335d73555714146b393bce05c4a74.jpg]

[Image: 1219597_c9f207c53e0656326cf233adf2569bb2.jpg]
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  • Wuvvums
Gender is missing. Unless it's been removed from the template?
Active Characters:
Velennia - Anchorite. Has a strange liking for tea.
Vynthia Blackfire - Magistrix. Craves sightseeing.
Vanessa Briarthorn - Seemingly timid housewife. Enjoys painting.

Reaver's right, that should be on there!

Additionally, this
Quote: Name: Thassilo

Should be the full name, first and last!

Only issues I see is a few pronoun mishaps, which are easy enough to fix! The clan name is Wildhammer, just like Kurdran's name. One word, capitalized. Lich King is also two words, and Second War is a proper name as well!

Tidy that stuff up and I think we'll be good.

[Image: c36335d73555714146b393bce05c4a74.jpg]

[Image: 1219597_c9f207c53e0656326cf233adf2569bb2.jpg]
Quote:Name: Thassilo Fathermane

You spelled your own last name wrong~ Heh.

Initial approval!
E key on keyboard acts funny sometimes. Amazed it didn't happen sooner. :P

[Image: c36335d73555714146b393bce05c4a74.jpg]

[Image: 1219597_c9f207c53e0656326cf233adf2569bb2.jpg]

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