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The Argent Crusade

[Image: TrialArgent_zps663fdf9a.png]

[Image: Quotetest_zps01dc1829.png]

[Image: Background_zps5505a899.png]

Born amidst tragedy and warfare, the Argent Dawn was originally a craft of many panicked paladins after the fall of Alexandros Mograine. Once-members of the infamous Scarlet Crusade banded together under a single banner, rejected their corrupt leaders and their zealous beliefs, and sought out to carve their own swath through the Scourge's legions. Leadership in the Dawn remained vague and unclear even to it's own members, giving it the air of a 'secret organization'. However leadership figures stood out as small councils of Templars and lonesome commanders. For years the Dawn held up a fierce, almost suicidal battle against the Scourge as they wrestled for command of the Plagelands. It seemed to be a stalemate up until the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel. It was then that a clear leader- Tirion Fordring- rose amongst the others and called for a joining of the Argent Dawn and the Silver Hand. Together they birthed the Argent Crusade as we know it today.

Even after the Lich King's fall the Crusade has not lost purpose. A great many legions of undead still roam the land, and when they falter the world is still in need of mending following Deathwing's Assault.

[Image: Mission_zps0b1e322f.png]

We, the Argent Crusade, exist for the betterment of the world we live in. We do not exist as a mindless force without compassion or wisdom, instead we are a union, a brotherhood of living and breathing beings. Our primary weapons are not blades but wits. We do not seek any more bloodshed than what we have already bore witness to and thus seek peace in these hard times. As is our nature we refrain from taking any sides within factional conflict between the Horde and Alliance.

These words should not be mistaken as a sign of weakness. Wound the world as the Scourge, the Legion, or the Twilight Cult have and you will be quickly met with the edge of our blades.

[Image: Rcruitment_zpsf1846616.png]

The Crusade is constantly on the watch for new faces to fill it's ever-expanding ranks. It matters not what race you grew from, as the Crusade is represented in every capitol by a legion of recruiters appropriately titled 'Dawnwatchers'. Much the same we accept men and women from any following of life, though demon-worshipers and necromancers may find themselves watched with a hint of suspicion.

Those recruited will be expected to be in good physical standings as such will be tested in the Trial of the Crypt.

[Image: Ranks_zps8c24092e.png]

Recruit - The fresh meat, the latrine-cleaners, the baby faces and innocent minds. Those who have yet to be tested in the Crypt and, thusly, have yet to prove themselves as Crusaders.

Private - Not all too far ahead the recruits, the Privates are those who have proven their worth to their commanding officers and are now considered full members of the Argent Crusade

Crusader - The strongest, most vigilant of the Privates will find themselves risen to the rank of Crusader. These soldiers are the elite of the Crusade and stand out as fine representations of the Tenants.

Crusader-Champion - A rank reserved for the wise and tactical, the Crusader-Champion exemplifies a body crafted for warfare and a mind sharp enough to wage it. These select few are the officers of the outfit and are surpassed only by the Commander.

Commander - The big cheese, the boss. Currently filled by Krilari Dawnsend, the Commander is left in control of the entire outfit, including promotions, demotions, and of course discharges.

[Image: Ru_zpsab03781c.png]

  1. Neutrality while carrying the Argent Banner is not an option, but an order.
  2. Respect your superiors.
  3. Issues with Officers should be brought to the Commander's attention. Likewise, issues with the commander should be brought to the officers.
  4. Orders should be completed without hesitance.
  5. The enlisted should be ready and able to complete a mission at a moment's notice.
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[Image: Crypt_zps85ca232b.png]

Commonly spoken of, yet rarely seen, the Trial of the Crypt is a ritualistic tradition formed shortly after the fall of the Lich King. While it is a hefty challenge, it's intended not for the veterans but for the recruits, for those who eagerly chase the Crusade's favor.

Once approved by a commander, those to undertake the trial will be provided with a scroll before being led into the sacred crypts beneath Light's Hope Chapel. Down winding stairs and darkened corners they're led into the heart of the burial site- where the ritual is to take place. Upon prompt the recruit reads the holy words from the scroll, and from such they will summon their own challenge in the form of the Argent Dawn's most revered champions.

However, Spirits tend to be fickle in their nature, making it rare to see the same champion time and time again. Instead they seem to rotate on a whim.

Who knows what you may end up fighting? Will it be the Light's Holiest? Or the most brutal warrior? Will you scrape against a rogue's daggers or find yourself blinded by bursts of arcane?

Only the trial will tell,
The crypt awaits.

[Image: Trialtimes_zpsd68ec27e.png]
For those hoping to join the Crusade in full the Trial of the Crypt is mandatory. This can make advancement difficult if the leadership is difficult to acquire on an individual basis. Thusly there will be days specifically carved out for curious to-be crusaders to approach any of the Argent leadership and receive their proper trial. The listings will be updated as any changes occur, and all times listed are in Server Time.

Krilari - Monday (5PM to 9PM), Wednesday (12PM to 9PM) and Saturday (??AM/PM to 12AM)

[Image: Spirit_zpsccaa38f8.png]

[Image: Lord_zps89112c86.png]
Little is known of Lord Raymond, as his existence was in the mist of the Argent Dawn where any form of Leadership was kept hidden and secret in fear of assassination. What is known, however, is his current embodiment. The first spirit to be involved in the Trial of the Crypt, Raymond is boasted to be- at one point or another- the head of the Argent Dawn and quite a paladin to be feared. His command of his blade is only rivaled by his conjuration of Holy magic. Armed with a shield and a full suit of armor, he makes for a suitable foe against any recruit.

Under his command Lord Raymond summons the spirits of Argent Warders - fallen footmen of the Dawn who once served under his banner.

[Image: Huato_zps566ed3da.png]

Born amongst the harsh Barren lands, Huato grew in a life of hardship only made worse by the ever-constant harassment of the native centaurs. For years the Tauren waged a losing war until Thrall and his Horde came about to rescue the splintered tribes from a certain death. It was at this point that the world grew exponentially in the young calf's eyes. Sworn to protect the Horde Huato soon put his stalking prowess to use, battling Alliance and demons alike, which inevitably brought him to the Plaguelands. The Scourge, as he understood, was the greatest threat to the life of not only his people, not only the Horde, but to all of life. Pooling his wisdom he laid his bow down for the sake of the Argent Dawn- those who spent every waking moment in battle against the tide of undeath.

As with all great champions, death came too soon for Huato. In the battle for Naxxramas he along with his companions - Beo the Wolf, Ironfur the Bear, Shanks the Boar, and Slink the snake - were slain while battling in the Spider Wing of the dreaded necropolis. His body, along with the body of his companions, were returned to Light's Hope to be buried.

When summoned to do battle, Huato calls his bestial companions to his side, allowing them to weaken his prey while he shoots from afar.

[Image: Pom_zps9e58d1e4.png]
The elves of Que'thalas have always been revered for their knowledge of magic, and the Sunspirits family was no different. A gift passed on from their lineage as Highborne, Pomae learned magic from her father and for all the thousands of years of her life she would hone and craft the malleable art into one that would defend her home for as long as she would breathe. For many years some thought her dedication to combat was unneeded as not a soul dared to assault the High Kingdom. They, however, would soon be proven wrong.

Following the slaughter of the third war, Pomae vowed not only defense, but true vengeance. She cared not for the humans or the orcs or their newly-founded war. She only cared for the lives of her people lost at the hands of the endless legions.

In a fit of irony, it would be in the Scourge that brought the woman to her end. An act of sabotage amongst her own students by the Cult of the Damned brought Pomae to her end, though luckily her body was recovered before the Scourge could twist and corrupt it.

When called into combat, Pomae prefer the use of mirror images as well as conjured beasts before stepping into the fray herself.

[Image: Fez_zps52708d5d.png]
As Darkspear legend goes Fezak was born from the waters of a storm conjured by the Naga Sea Witch. His very existence stands as a testament to the strength of the elements: Earth gave him shape, Lightening gave him blood, Water gave him sight beyond sight, and Fire gave him fury unparalleled. While none quite know how the troll truthfully came to be many can be thankful for his fight. For the longest time he concerned himself with only the matters of the Trolls and their Empires, though as the world grew beyond their tiny tribe so did his interest- even past the boundaries of faction.

When he fought and died for the Argent Dawn it was said that there was no corpse left to retrieve. Instead the elements, content with the work of their servant, dissipated and left nothing for the Scourge to corrupt. Death, however, would not calm the storms forever.

From the grave Fezak rises, a tried and true Loa by merit of strength alone. When it comes to battle he often attempts to weaken his foes with gale-force winds or drowning rains before he comes in for the kill himself.
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Updated the trial with a new spirit- Huato of Mulgore who has done battle with Faelara, Sazaie, and Zernzaz.
Dr. Dino will be ready to examine and evaluate our recruits. Better watch out :|
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Dr. Dino may have a new assistant...(Rubs hands, cackling)
I have not returned from my final exams yet, but I would appreciate if those who wish to obtain their examination before they are fully integrated into the Crusade let me know if they need any. I don't have any set times yet, but I am likely free around Thursday-Friday evening of next week.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Morning everyone!

Apologies for my inactivity in the past week or so. It's been finals week for m which has meant tests, studies, and a vain struggle to maintain a social life. Never the less, I'm hours away from my vacation destination. Once I'm nice and settled in I should get back into the rhythm of things, save for the holidays coming up of course.
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Trial of the Crypt updated with a new spirit- Pomae Sunspirits.

Also, the thread is now moved into our fancy-pants new Subfourm!
Updated! The Original Post as been edited to remove any mention of needing a medical trial to advance to Private. The Second post regarding the Trial of the Crypt has two major edits: Fezak of the Ten Storms' story has been added to the list, and a new process for the Trials in which there are select days dedicated to running the Crypt events. See the posts for more detail!
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