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The Argent Crusade - Attack on Gahrron's Withering! (12-07-2013)
Date: 12-07-2013

The Argent Crusade - Attack on Gahrron's Withering!

Attack on Gahrron's Withering!

[Image: 549px-Scourge_Cauldron.jpg]

Posters with the following information have been placed throughout Hearthglen and Light's Hope Chapel:

"Across the Western Plaguelands, in what were once abandoned farmsteads, The Scourge have used the land for their vile cause, constructing massive cauldrons filled with toxins and necromantic magics to spread the plague of undeath across the area, destroying the surrounding flora and fauna, and putting many lives at risk. By this time, we have destroyed many of these cauldrons and restored the farmsteads to relative peace, but one farmstead remains cursed: Gahrron's Withering. The Argent Crusade is calling upon our members to join in the initiative of taking this land back from the Scourge, getting rid of this cauldron once and for all, and gaining valuable samples that we can use for research.

Those of you who heed the call should be prepared to attack on Saturday the 7th, at 2:00*. If you have further questions, seek out Commander Krilari Dawnsend, or Officers Reigen Sunfire and Ce."

Officer's Note

This mission will take place in an area where the air is noxious and carrying the plague of undeath. All crusaders, unless undead, are required to wear a mask for the sake of not being infected.

*You may RP the mask out rather than having your character wear it on his or her model, and if you want to, the masks can be found on Zijad, a Draenei on GMI.

*That would be 2PM server time.
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Are The Argent seeking out help from anyone or just members of the Crusade?
For Lordaerooooooooooon!
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
(12-03-2013, 10:28 PM)komodothecashew Wrote: Are The Argent seeking out help from anyone or just members of the Crusade?

Well, I'm sure The Argent Crusade wouldn't object to any outside assistance in their cause.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
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