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The Bloodpaw [Guild][Cata]
[Image: Jonoth-the-Bloodpaw.png]

Who will be part of the crew of
Captain Jonoth Shyemlye's ship "The Bloodpaw"?

Who We Are

After betrayal led to the deaths of many that served beside Jonoth Shyemlye and the crew of the Risen Phoenix, along with the loss of loved ones in the destruction of Duskhaven, The Bloodpaw seek vengeance on their former captain and to carve out their place on the high seas of Azeroth! Courageous, relentless, vicious, and thrill-seeking, these masters of the ocean have taken their fate into their own hands, loyal to each other and the sea that binds them.

Joining The Crew

All fresh recruits will be RPed into the guild, so find me on Jonoth or one of the captains and whisper to join!

Also, you can read this awesome guide by Piroska for basic nautical terms we'll likely employ!

  • Lord Captain - Leader of The Bloodpaw. Currently held by Jonoth Shyemlye.

  • Captain - Runs one of the ships in the Bloodpaw's fleet.

  • First mate - Captain's second in command. In charge of inventory and discipline, and act as Captain in the absence of the actual Captain.

  • Navigator - An experienced traveler, getting The Bloodpaw from point A to point B in one piece. Most of the time.

  • Cannoneer - Fires the lasers! ...I mean cannons!

  • Doctor - The men and women that keep the crew healthy, wealthy, and wise!

  • Steward - Responsible for the cooking and cleaning. Dem hungry boys need you!

  • Midshipmen and Deckhands - These fearless pirates make up most of the crew! Start off as a deckhand, and earn your way up!

IC Rules
  • Mutiny will be met with death. The Lord Captain promises to make it spectacular.
  • If you are caught doing something profoundly stupid, you must get yourself out of your own trouble to prove yourself worthy of being part of this crew.
  • All bounty will be divided evenly among the crew. We are a family.
  • Lie to us and you will lose your tongue. Steal from us and you will lose your hands. Try to run away from our punishment and you will lose your legs. The Lord Captain is easy-going unless you violate the loyalty of the crew. In those instances he will be the most wicked and cruel overseer you will ever meet.
  • We do not have a uniform. If you do something stupid, we do not want to be identified with it.

OOC Rules

Follow the rules of the server. Simple, right?

[Image: 200px-Bloodpaw-icon.png]
[-] The following 2 users Like Jonoth's post:
  • c0rzilla, Kage
Bumped and unlocked for Jonoth.
[-] The following 3 users Like Loxmardin's post:
  • Jonoth, Ural, Altaine
As an update to the guild, I'm making a minor major change.

The Bloodpaw is becoming a fleet.

The main reason for it is scheduling. By having multiple ships, players from different time zones can take part in missions, or create missions of their own. It also opens up characters to have RP adventures of their own. There will be missions that involve the fleet as a whole, but most will likely be divided up.

The fleet also opens options for Alliance and Horde ships, and trading between ports of either faction. Likely this will lead to danger if discovered, but that's just a part of the sea life!
[-] The following 3 users Like Jonoth's post:
  • Kage, MstrCorvus, DuskWolf
I can't wait to send Brine on some missions.

Quick question though, the rule about lying and stealing. You mean no lying and stealing among the crew right, not others?

Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk
[-] The following 1 user Likes DuskWolf's post:
  • Jonoth
Aye. You can cheat, steal, lie, murder anyone that isn't part of the Bloodpaws (Or in relation/protection of the Bloodpaws) And, you can't bring any of your issues back onto the crew. If you get caught liein, con't ask the crew for help.
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  • Jonoth

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