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The Burning Legion
The Burning Legion Chapter One:
The Hand of Iruxos

Rumors and whispers have spread throughout Desolace that a great evil has taken foothold and formed a great fortress among the desolate wasteland. Vile creatures move in the night and dark forces gather there calling it their home… A vicious weapon… The Hand of Iruxos, known to open gateways for the Burning Legion is currently being transported to be destroyed in the deep southern sands of Uldum… But word has reached the vile ears that take hold in Desolace… and this weapon will be his…

[Image: WoWScrnShot_120514_170007_zps192fa1b9.jpg]

Lightning split the sky as black clouds roared into a violent roll far overhead. A voice came from the man at the head of the armed caravan! “Stand fast men and women of the Alliance! For the Light is with us!” Laughter echoed across the rolling plains and ravines of Desolace, “Light you say… Light?” A large shadow surged far above them atop the nearby ridgeline far to the east. Behind the massive figure gathered a small force of figures roughly humanoid sized. All began to scream and shout in an almost dark chant.

The Knights at the head of the column maneuvered to the right drawing blades, “The weapon cannot fall into enemy hands…Fight for your King! Fight for your country!” Steel tore from scabbards as sparks licked the Knights plate armor.

The hideous laughter rose again, “Wrong mortal fools!... Fight for your souls!” A great roar howled through the dusk as the shadowed army charged down the hill, “Cause the Legion has come to call!”


January 30th at 5:00 p.m. Server Time

The Burning Legion and all those loyal to the cause have gathered at Thunder Axe Fortress in Desolace calling it home. This has become a safe haven for the darkness in the world. Grukog The Bloody has amassed an army of followers both great and small to rally for his cause…. Word has reached his ears of a great weapon known as The Hand of Iruxos… A known artifact that has been used in the past to open Demonic gateways for the Burning Legion with a mere flick of the wrist in the right hands… A garrison of Alliance Paladins, and Knights are guarding the artifact as they take it to a powerful caster deep in the heart of Uldum… However as the garrison was crossing the wastes Grukog saw the opportunity to sieze the artifact… And he’d not pass it up…

All are welcome who have evil intent or just want to rally to a Pit Lords calling!

You do not have to be a member of the Burning Legion guild. All vile dark wielders are welcome who have felt the evil growing in Desolace….

I open this first event in the Burning Legion storyline up for all who wish to partake!
[Image: 15.jpg]
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