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The Cost to be the Boss
[Image: Goblin-Crest.jpg]

A goblin reclined in his leather chair kicking his feet up on his desk in the executive office. Only one guard remained in the room, with a scantily clad female giving the reclining goblin a massage. He grinned exposing his gold teeth, and straightened out the scarf that laid around his neck. A pounding on the door was heard, Thum, Thum, Thum. The goblin raised a hand to stop the massage and reached under his desk feeling around before placing a Gilnean rifle on the surface. He nodded to the guard, as he slowly approached the door. Thum, Thum, Thum, the noise had intensified. "Whaddya want?" The goblin asked, as the guard made it to the large double doors. They knew that no one could just knock on the door, everyone presented to the Boss of the organization would be first announced by a trusted member. "It is what You want..." He shook his head before nodding to the guard to open them.

[Image: gobbo_zpseab41a5c.jpg]

In the doorway stood a large demon, with a goblin on its shoulder mutated by fel. Her grin was devilish with pointed teeth, and large horns curled from her forehead. She wore revealing clothing that made the Boss question how much coin he could make off her figure. However, behind her in the hallway were three goblins in suits, slain. They laid lifeless in their wake, only small sprinkles of blood peppered the walls and their clothing. "....D'aww...See you didn't have to go do that..." The Boss remembered, she was insane. He picked up his gun and aimed it at them, she began laughing. "Tsk, tsk, tsk, this isn't the right way to go about earning our favor." The Boss shook his head and nodded to his guard, who began to grab the bodies from the hallway. "I ain't looking for -your- favor. Do that again and I'll remove your head. Understand?" The female nodded, "I do...I apologize.." She said licking her lips, her glowing eyes following the guard dragging the boxes. "I was unaware you were still attached, and they were making quite the hassle because I wanted to see you." The Boss stared at her for a while, gripping the gun tightly. "Whaddya want Gobbo?" She mockingly raised her hands in surrender. "Don't kill the messenger....-He- wants an update on your progress." She giggled, while exposing her ferocious grin.

"Things are well, but as expected we're facing uhm..." He thinks about it, while rolling his hand on his wrist, "...Resistance." He snaps his finger, and the female behind him resumes rubbing his back. "We had two camps out there in the Plaguelands but they took one. Our carriages haven't been touched yet to my knowledge. I believe we're going to be pulling out soon anyway. There are other places to find Death Knights."


[Image: goblinship-1293241878.jpg]

Hidden behind a few large rocks in the Plaguelands two goblins watched as the carriages they drove were being attacked by different warriors, some death knights, warlocks, paladins and a druid? The two watched paralyzed by fear and wonder, jumping and cringing at every explosion or painful hit. "OOOOOOH!!!" they said together while wincing, "This... This is not good." A goblin says adjusting his hat, "Nope... Not good at a- Ooooh! Kruntok is dead! Kruntok is definitely dead." This caused the other goblin to squint surveying the battle in the hills below. "Ooh..." He says identifying the remains of the orc. "I never liked Kruntok..." He said casually. An explosion of mana sent a plume of smoke and dirt into the air causing the goblins to jump, "WHOOA!" they say simultaneously. "I'm not dying for some empty carriage, we already dropped the bodies off anyway." He shakes his head, but continues watching. "So...Who's going to tell the boss?" The goblin with the hat asked the other. Quickly they ducked, as smoking debris flew in their direction.

Slowly they poked their heads out to resume watching. After a few moments the other shrugged. "I don't know...Probably whoever runs the camp." He responds, "Well...Should we tell the camp?" The other goblin seems to forcefully have to pull his gaze from the battle to look at the other goblin just to flash a perplexed expression. "What? Yeah....Yeah we're going to tell the camp." He looks to the battle. "Just...After this." After moments of watching he begins chuckling, causing the other Goblin to look over. "You...really must not of- OOOOH!!" The goblin says raising a fist to his mouth, opening his eyes wide. "Not have what?" The other goblin says laughing, wiping tears from his eyes. "You must not have liked anyone down there." He said adjusting his hat. "No I did...But the Boss' wrath is going to be really bad for these guys. Like....Really bad." He shudders, and then he takes a deep breath. "Yeah.... Let's head back to camp, Gobbo."

The Family Tree

TheBook of ThePharaoh

Pharaoh's Colosseum

The Four Suns Inn

"What are we, as role-players, if not authors in real time?" - MrBubbles

"I've always treated Role-play as Collaborative Writing. Co-authoring the stories of your characters, alongside other people." - Flammos200
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