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The Curtain Call
Over the few weeks in my time at COTH, I've been particularly stressed with life, reacting in ways that are inappropriate. I've done it to friends on COTH, friends on Steam and most importantly, family in Real Life.

I've discovered it is because of my wish to RP, causing me to spend many hours in the early morning RP'ing, causing me to oversleep in the day which causes my brain to derp and make me consistently angry, very easily.

With College coming up on the Horizon, I think I need to calm down a bit on COTH, and say goodbye for the moment. Do not fear though, for I will still be a part of the COTH Community, and will do my best to RP (And hopefully get Linger Whispers up for you all).

At the same time, because I'm doing a BTEC in Games Development and Design (Learning how to Model, Texture etc) I may even post a diary of my progress during the Course, showing many of my work as it goes along. It'd be great if I could get feedback from those in the community.

But for now, ladies and gentlemen, I tip my hat to you all and bid you a fond farewell.

- Franksta96
Good luck with your life and take it easy. None the less this is hardly goodbye for the two of us. I still have you on SF.
Good luck sir! Thane Haiko salutes you!

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