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The Eastern Seas Shipping Company (ESSC)

"The Eastern Seas Shipping Company is recruiting!"
This is announced by posters and billboards around many major cities in Azeroth.

The posters ask however you have what it takes to be a part of a striving and growing organization. If you want to make money, see the world, adventure!

The Eastern Seas Shipping Company is a well known enterprise shipping both wares and folks to a variety of locations throughout the known world.

The Organization consists of four branches:

ESSC - Aerial Transportations Departement
ESSC - Coast and Overseas Shipping
ESSC - On-Location Land Transportations
and the
ESSC Guard Force

In the ATD, COS and OLLT you may be a captain or crewmember of a vessel which will sail under the ESSC. Members of the Guard Force will be stationed on the vessels since the ESSC ensure the safety of it's employees.

Members and
Specific Ranks so far:

Lord Admiral - Thelar Feathersong
Vice Admiral - (Recruiting)
Guard Force Commander - Harvey Burcanius
Western Shores Contact Maintenance General - (Recruiting)
Guards - Sandor, (Recruiting)

Captains and crews:
Cid Windseeker of the Razorleaf
Mika Mistwalker of the Razorleaf

The ESSC Employment Contract


This agreement is between the ESSC and yourself. It does not regard interactions or agreements with any other company.


You are, as an employee of the ESSC expected to follow orders from your superiors. Your are expected to follow the terms set out in this contract.



Salary - Ships
Within the ESSC each captain is responsible for awarding his crew the monthly salary, Salary is individual too each ship deoending on the mission given, placing the ship as specified in the Third Appendix into one of the categories below.

Salary - C Class
60-150 Gold per month.
Sloops and smaller vessels with minimum crews. engaging in Lightweight missions.

Salary - B Class
150-250 Gold per month.
Barques, Galleons and other vessels with medium crews. With missions of medium risk.


Salary - A Class
250-750 Gold per month
Larger vessels such as Frigates or Brigs with larger crews or High-Risk Missions.

*Special conditions apply to missions of severy risks.*


Salary - Guards and Docks

The salaries for dockworkers and guards are 30 and 45 Gold a month respectively. These are handled by the ESSC themselves and not the captains of the ships.



Salary - Officers
The Officers and high-ranked administrators of the ESSC agree on their salary with the head departement of the ESSC. This Salary is therefore individual and settled in privacy.

Your salary should be specified in the Third Appendix of this Document.
I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it through not dying. ... [Woody Allen]
[Image: 250px-East_India_Company_PotC.jpg]

[Image: Ml7sNnX.gif]
I'm afraid I haven't seen that logo before. What does it belong to?
I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it through not dying. ... [Woody Allen]
(09-19-2011, 01:08 AM)Leon Wrote: I'm afraid I haven't seen that logo before. What does it belong to?
East India Company
Just thought I'd comment on the salaries. 300g-600g is a -lot- of money ICly. Like... Stupid amounts of money to be making working on a transportation ship. I'd recommend about 5-10g a month, if even that. There is a topic about it here, that would be helpful.

Thanks for the tip!
I edited the salaries to be more realistic.
I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it through not dying. ... [Woody Allen]
My human has a ship and he's looking for a crew. How about your shipping company take him as a captain for it?

So far the crew is consisted of 3 people, Doyle Lynch as the captain, Ashlynn [forgot the surname] as the First Mate, and Haim as a deckhand [or other position we did not get to talk about].
[Image: 8.jpg]

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