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The Elder Scrolls Online
Does anyone here play the elder scrolls online? There's actually a pretty large, cohesive roleplay community. Events happen all the time, storylines continue although I personally haven't gotten too involved in any. Also the lore is so rich, the world is so full of life it's a wonderful game to create a character in. Let me know your character names or user-id, post your brief character profiles and talk about some events, guilds, or storyline ideas you would enjoy seeing come to fruition. I know from my past experience that this is a great roleplay community, would love to see some of the dedicated, highbrow, intense roleplay I've seen in this server migrate into Tamriel.
I played the game for some time, but then it went stale with the gameplay. Maybe I'll pick it up once again when they released the full Morrowind continent, that'd be rad.
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Oh my god... you didn't...

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