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The FarWolf Clan
The Far Wolf Clan

[Image: FarWolves.png]

The Far Wolf Clan operates like a wolf pack for the horde. They excel in tracking, hunting and of course combat. They are a dangerous group deathly loyal to the horde and the clan members amongst themselves. The Far Wolves also handle some domestic disputes with their spiritual leaders, shaman, and druids. Full fledged Far Wolves also represent the clan to other Horde aligned organizations. But there main goal is to maintain the rituals, ways of life and safety of the members of the Horde. The Far Wolves are composed primarily of Orcs, Shu'halo and Darkspear trolls. Goblins, Elves and Forsaken possibly welcome if they can pass the trials and respect the way of life the Horde and Far Wolves wish to protect. The Far Wolves are against the alliance without a doubt.

[Image: RidingWolfHawk.PNG]

Words From Rip'lah Deathscorcher the first High Wolf

Quote:“We spend much of our time raiding any and all enemies of the horde. Each new trophy we bring back to camp will bring us more and more honor. We are searching out all our Orc brethren and our Troll cousins and our Shu'halo spiritual guides to make new Clan traditions. We travel much, from place to place, wherever the horde needs us, but we always find a home around the campfire telling war stories. If any have family they are welcome to join as well, and be protected by the whole clan as if they were their own kin.”


High Wolf : Leader and Chieftain of the Far Wolf Clan.

Wolfguard : These are the Chieftain's advisors and the leaders of the Clan. They guard the clan's traditions, rights and lore. They also keeper's the clan oral history. They protect the pack at all costs.

Pack Raider : These are the pride of the Farwolf Clan, the elite warriors.

Wolf Scout : Those that go on ahead of the War party to gather information. They are also sometimes used for those mission that take a little more precision.

Far Wolf : Full fledged Far wolf members who passed the first trial.

Pup : Prospects who have yet to become fully initiated.


Trial of Blood
The Wolf mask is a far wolf's most prized possession. It represents their sacred and spiritual bond to their clan and the wolves who have perfected the way of the pack. Before earning their mask they must prove their worth not only to the clan but the very wolf whose totem we wear. These masks should be cared for with the utmost respect. Every full member of the Far wolves has one, and is expected to wear into battle and for ceremonies.

Trial of the Hunt
Scouts range all over the world, and need to be crafty and cunning to not only find their prey but to bring it down as well. A farwolf will have to find and bring down suitable prey, whither it be animal or humanoid, however it must approved by the clan first. This trial will take much planning, travel, and patience.

Trial of the Teeth
The Clan warriors must always keep their fangs and claws sharp, and their mind even sharper. The clan will hold series of sparring matches called Honor Rites. If a farwolf can make it through this gauntlet of the Pack Raiders keeping their honor intact, will be accepted among their ranks.

Trial of the Beast
Long ago the original High Wolf and his clan made a pact with the Wyvern in Stonetalon to ride them, if worthy. Since the cataclysm the pack has dwindled but some of the old members still honor this pact with their wyvern brethren. When a Farwolf is ready, he will venture into the mountains alone and attempt to bond with a wyvern to become his flying mount and companion in battle. Many Wolves die doing this, as wyvern are cunning and not subservient.

Trial of the Pack
This Trial is very difficult to pass, and is ongoing until it is passed. This is when a member has the unwavering trust of all the Clan members and has proven themselves time and time again to be worthy of a leadership role. Members will first be discussed by the High Wolf and his counselors then will be voted on by the whole pack in secret. Last, they must perform a ritual to be approved of by all past elders and leaders of the clan.

Trial of Leadership
The High Wolf must embody all of the aspects of the FarWolf clan. He must have passed all other trials before he can challenge the current High Wolf to combat. If he can defeat the current High Wolf honorably the title will be passed to the challenger.

Current Clan Camp Location

[Image: FarWolfLocation.jpg]

Check here for In Character Posts

Clan Character Sheets

You can go here to the post
or go here directly to the Google Doc

The Far Wolves are really a clan about bonding, growth, exploration and fighting. Many days are spent by campfires getting to know the personalities of the members, as well as traveling to different zones. This guild does not have to be large, a handful of active members is great but there is no limit on the numbers. We are going for old Horde, clan, and spiritual RP. We will be traveling from cave to cave, camp to camp. I will keep the current 'residence' on a map here in this post and in the guild message. In character, we leave runes and signs behind for those that know how to read them, to find us.
I know horde RP is scarce, so by no means do I want members to feel they need to be exclusive to the Farwolves. Once things get rolling, Rip'dar plans on approaching the leaders, of the Bloodsworn Honorguard, Deadeye Watchers, Scarshield Vanguard and any other horde guilds that would be willing to work with us, to secure alliances. Hopefully that will allow any farwolf to join in on any of their events as they are more than welcome to join in on ours. Far Wolves are nomadic by nature so never feel that you are stuck some where, a far wolf can show up any where in the world.

To join leave a message here, or PM me, or contact Ripdar, Maku, Grogloki in game. We will set up an IC meeting. If you were a member before feel free to just show up and we will welcome you back in with open arms.
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*happy orc clap*
[Image: jon_pall_sigmarsson_b35428d97635b2e7c405...2df3c3.gif]

[Image: SQ0XvlU.gif]
This is awesome.
The Family Tree

TheBook of ThePharaoh

Pharaoh's Colosseum

The Four Suns Inn

"What are we, as role-players, if not authors in real time?" - MrBubbles

"I've always treated Role-play as Collaborative Writing. Co-authoring the stories of your characters, alongside other people." - Flammos200
Daichi needs a home.
I am excited with the new recruits! If any one else want to join are do some Clan RP I am mostly free tomorrow hit me up.
The Swiftblade Raiders will have to catch up with you guys sometime.
Forsure lets set up a meet and greet

Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 4
So I figured this might be the best way for us to keep track of the Character Sheets. This is a simple D6 system you have 4 attributes and you put 12 dice in to those. Then you have 7 dice to put into any thing you want. Coupled with my dice roller DICEx. And a few macros so you don't have to keep retyping your rolls, should not be too bad or complicated.

For the google doc just make a new tab, Name it your character name then copy and paste the template into it, then fill it in.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

You can level up by gaining a new rank or by participating in events where XP will be gained to be put toward gaining more dice.
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Event this Thursday 24th at 7PM Server Time. Be there or be filthy pink skin

Any hordies are welcome.

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