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The Finest Thread
Ok, there is an empty tailoring shop along the Stormwind canals. I was wondering if any player has already claimed it before I make a tailoring character. I am asking this is for one reason, I wish to avoid drama by moving into the empty shop only to find a player already claimed it.
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To be fairly honest, you can't claim buildings as "your own". The next best thing to do is to use it from time to time for your Role-Playing, I think. See what GMs say. Hope this helps.
We aren't stopping anyone from doing anything of the sort, but know that we don't uphold land claims very often (If at all). I know Hogral(?) has an inn which people recognize because people say it's his, and that's cool with me. Most "player-owned" places exist because of player consent, not GM authority. We won't solve disputes over anything, because we recognize neither party. It's totally an inter-player system, though we will step in if people claim things that belong to lore groups, etc., or if we feel the need to.

Anyway, I welcome an IC tailor. Just know that the place can and might be used by people who aren't you, and they'll have equal right to use the area.
Here's what I think.

One can't simply claim dibs on a place. If one's allowed to do that, then everyone has to be allowed. Chaos ftw. But there is a way around this.

When you want to roleplay in your home, use the place you have in mind but think that it's somewhere else. Do not say -my home is the second building as you turn left from the bridge that unites the Cathedral Square with the Trade District. Someone else probably wants to use the setting as well. Obviously make sure you're not doing it at the same time.

Citizens of Stormwind obviously have their own homes/shops. They don't all live only in the places that are open in-game but also the closed buildings. And many others that weren't even created because of the limitations.

Hope this helps. :mrgreen:
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If anyone else wants to use it then I'll talk to them and we could take turns or something *nod*
Timothy Willaims VI: I know what this is! You are all racist against bards! Its a conspiracy!
Rorbin: A bard isn't even a race!
Timothy Willaims VI: . . .racist.
I have little to add, except for the fact that nearly all the shop-like buildings seem tailored to a spesific kind of business (The tailoring shop, for instance, has all sorts of tailoring-related things spread all over). Thanks to that, I doubt it'll present much of a problem to do a merger if several players wish to use the same spot, avoiding all sorts of Confusion and whatnot in the process.
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