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The General's Poetry
Greetings fellow CotHer's! GeneralDefyre here, and I have had the sudden burst in my mind to share all the poetry I have written in my little notebook. If you have ever run into Vitaly Zaitsev in one of his 'moods', you may have heard some songs or poetry come out of his mouth...That's mine! :D Anyways..without further ado...here's my Notebook of Poetry.

Look in the Sky
Look up, in the sky,
See a shooting star go by,
Make a wish, say it twice,
Just be sure to make it nice,

You would walk, up to me,
Say, "My wish was you and me",
I would kiss you on the lips,
Hold your waist, and brush your hips,

I'd look deep, into your eyes,
Crack a joke and hope it flies,
I would smile right at you,
Say, "Now my dream has come true."

Eternal Bliss
The feel of your skin against me,
The graceful touch of your lips,
The kiss of eternity,
Leaves us both in bliss.

Love is fleeting,
Love is pure,
And when it's found,
It will endure.

True Love
Love is in the air,
But not for one dove,
He's as gentle as a hare,
Yet can't find true love.

The Beast's Maw
The jaws of the beast are closing,
The light shall shine no more,
And the fire within it's bowels,
Shall flicker nevermore.

My Strife
This is my fire,
This is my life,
This is my opportunity,
This is my strife.

Apples and Peaches
The world beyond that of our reach,
The subtle comfort in the end,
When given an apple eat a peach,
And give the apple to a friend.

There ya' go CotH! Feel free to post comments and criticisms. I am also open to theme requests for more poetry! Future poetry will be added later on!
You know your way through rhymes,
And apparently I know it too,
Scanning through your lines,
I verify, it is true.

So here's a poem, a mere tribute,
A praise to your work and you,
Your stash here is quite the loot,
True poets are only few.

I'll wrap things up by the end,
And the end of this is near,
Good luck to you, my dear friend,
This poem shall end here.
[Image: 8.jpg]
Ok, here we go. Just now I felt like writing a new poem to post, so I am thinking of this next one as I write this. Hopefully, it will be good:
Your Eyes
The way your eyes look into mine,
The simple pleasure I derive,
Your hair has the lovely smell of pine,
And those two things give me my drive.
Sorry for the double post, but this next poem I came up with at school today. Hope you like it:
No Place in Between
You're going up high
And I'm going down low,
You're soaring into the sky
And I'm sinking below,

You're going up,
And I'm going down,
And there's no place in between,
For us to meet.

You're flying up high
To the castle in the sky,
And I'm going to miss you
More than ever.
Lovely poems! They sound very nice and I doubt I'd have much to criticize on art. Apples and peaches is my favourite for now.. Maybe because it's about food.
Little by little, one travels far.
Hehe...food.. :D
Thank you for the comment!
Wow, really nice poetry, since I've come to CotH I've picked up the weird habit of liking poety, and writing it. XD
This next small set of poetry is based off of my death knight's experiences (Septimus Talah'Felo). Well...here we go:
Inner Darkness
The darkness inside me
Trying to break out,
I'm holding it back
So you don't find out.

But then you touched me
And I couldn't hold,
You asked what was wrong
And then you were told.

You said it was fine
'Cause you got it too,
And I got a funny feeling
Because now I have you.

This Odd Feeling
Never felt this way before,
This odd feeling in my soul,
Seems so nice,
Yet out of control.

I guess it's ok,
You said it's alright,
And I guess it's love,
That's making me hold tight.
This next poem is alone, simply due to my lack of inspiration recently. Enjoy!
Fire Blazing
Fire blazing in the hearth
A pillowed chair at home
Where you can sit alone at night
And write a lovely poem

This poem may be great and long
Or short and concise as hell
But only if you understand
Will the meaning serve you well

It could mean a lot of things
But know this one fact true
Nobody will see the meaning
The same exact way as you
Here is a poem I came up with on the spot during RP yesternight.
Luscious lips
Tender smile
Couldn't find another
For a mile.

My love is eternal
My love is pure
But if it's not shared
It won't endure.
Spoiler for language.

"There once was a woman, large in bust. On the way to her home, struck by lust. A muscley worker, covered in muck. All she wanted, was a good f**k."

Spoiler for language.
Apologies for not posting here in such a long time. Here's a poem I wrote up just now as a matter of fact, when I was looking back on a few things that I screwed up with.

Thinking About It:
Ever have someone
You love so much
That when they
Leave your life
You just

If so
Then remember
Somebody always
Loves you

Also, this is not a death, merely a false hope for love.

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