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The Grey Militia [Guild Wars 2]
[Image: guild_wars_2_art_4_by_artfall-d5e0ayw.jpg]

A flyer has been posted around many human towns, as well as some Norn and Charr areas a new flier has been posted.  It shows a picture of a white chevron against a black background.  The text reads this.

Do you like to kick ass?  How about drink, and have a good time with friends?  Does money appeal to you in a way that's almost sexual?

Then join the Grey Militia!  Explore exotic locations, fight exotic things.  Meet exotic men or women.  Eat exotic foods.  Or not!  Just do your damn work and get payed to do it!  Go home after and drink yourself into delirium.  We don't give a damn as long as you take something from this and give back.

We fight not for honor, and not for chaos.  We fight for money, so we can have fun.  Sound good for you?  Then look for Xavier Lovewitz or Rensin Redjaw today!

Give 'em hell.

OOC goal and information:

The Grey Militia here as you can see is an "organization" of mercenaries.  I say organization because while there is a simple structure to it, it's mostly just a band of people out to make some money.  

Well, why do people join if they could do it without being a part of the group?  Because the guild does provide jobs.  Xavier and the others try to set up work, and they -encourage- members to do group jobs.  Right now the only things that the group asks is that you make them aware you are part of the Militia, so that the guild can get some good standing and renown.

Eventually, it might be needed to get funds, but that's in the future.  (When things like guild halls are actually a thing.)  Right now, you get what you earn.  You do work, you get your full pay.  The colors we fly are just a great way to get some work, as well as a good way to get invited to our parties.

The colors are Grey, Black, and White.  Not mandatory, and you can mix it up how you wish, of course, but it is encouraged.

Rules: As of this moment, I'm treating the guild like it's an extension of CoTH.  The rules that were here were something I felt kept it working---so, in other words, if it's a rule here, expect it to be one over there.

I'm -not- a GM on CoTH.  I won't act like one.  I may be the leader of the guild, but any and all enforcement will be handed over to the CoTH GM's, and I will give them leader roles in the guild once they start to come over (I know at least a few that are).  If there is an issue---while I'd normally say "Come to me" I will say -go to them first-.  I'm handling RP and guild management---not enforcement.

Roleplay:  I'm not going to sugar coat this---I cannot be the only one making RP for this guild.  That is something that -kills- a guild.  I need you all to please, -please- also find your own RP ontop of this and I encourage throwing events that I don't have a hand in planning.  If you think it might be something that could conflict with plans I have set up---discuss it with me.  But I shouldn't have anything that would be able to be messed with.

One of the things with CoTH is that we are all good writers who love to RP.  You guys don't need the guild leaders to set up all the RP for yah.  You've been independent for a nice long time when we had the private server---do the same here!  And have fun.

Profiles?:  I'll discuss something with the GM's.  Obviously since, well... we can't be auto leveled, this isn't something that's mandatory.  I'll discuss with the GM's about a new system, probably with a profile and a tag on it for what game it's for.

When it comes to approvals?  Well, here's the challenge.  We might have to "approve" them ourselves for a while, or just have a nice place to have them.  Why?  I'm sure not a lot of people are used to guild wars lore---so we might need a lot of input from everyone.

We'll figure it out.

Anyhow, that's it for now.  I'll likely be adding to this.
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Could I have this moved to "Guild Wars 2 > Guilds" please?
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