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The History of Warcraft
I read in the rules, that a basic knowledge of the History behind warcraft was needed to play on this server. I found a link and everything was o.k. Untill i started reading.
In my opinion the way WoWWiki contains the text was very disturbing, i couldnt read it with the efficiency i needed (it is a lot of text!).

A printable version of all the chapters / stories were missing. (as far as i could see)
So i collected all of the stories into a PDF and made it more reader-friendly.

Chapter 3-5 coming soon
Adding pictures (thanks to FarmerzJohn for that idea (: )
  • Chapter 1 - Mythos: Download here (Left-Click, 'Save as')
  • Chapter 2 - The new world: Download here (Left-Click, 'Save as')
[Image: Untitled.png]
Very nice for people starting of in roleplaying / warcraft lore. It would be nice to have some pictures :D Good job!
Who Loves Orange Soda?
Hmph... this is good, for basic knowledge. Personally I think WoWwiki is a bit advanced, really detailed. You must know what you search of.

But I also recommend investigating your character race, and check classes before you actually roleplay.

I mean, Elf which doesn't know half of everything around him, is... outdated?

Anyway, this is good for History of Warcraft, as I never knew few of them. (Dwarfs and stuff)

If you find full races and class guide add so others can check it.
[Image: irontrooperx.png]

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