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The Horde Babe Generator

We've all been there. You want to make an interesting character, but you simply don't have any ideas. You want to name your new Tauren, but you don't have the slightest clue what kind of name you want to give him. Perhaps your dwarf needs a clan, but really now, what kind of clans are there?

I am going to assume that this is why there are next to zero female orcs out there (No, not really, but roll with me here.), thus I'm proud to introduce the Horde Babe Generator!

Built by the finest Gnomish minds (I paid Wink a cookie.), this sturdy piece of equipment is almost guaranteed not to blow up in your face. Just open it up and it'll generate a name, a surname (and a story on how they got it!), a clan, an occupation and even a skin colour and hairstyle! If you don't like the babe you got, just hit that fancy refresh button and you'll get a brand new one!

Do realize however that this is in no way meant to replace the creative thought process, just to give you a headstart. You'll still need to come up with an interesting story (and double check that you didn't get the same name as the other thousands of enthusiastic users. -Wink.-) So what are you waiting for? Try it now and generate some orc women!

Note: Generating Horde Women out of thin air is not approved by Thrall.
This looks neat!

Sadly, I do not favour the green race.
Little by little, one travels far.
That's because you're a muppet.
Me neither. And we can't all be muppets so.. it's you! =)

On a more serious note, it looks great. How much work did you put into this thing?
Perhaps you can make a Tauren one. I don't think there's someone out there who just doesn't like Tauren. =D
"Educate yourself in the art of true metal."
"From the Heaven of My Heart" & "Silver Bride" - Amorphis (Skyforger)

"Beyond the Stars"
~ Head over to our own subforum on CotH Worlds and enjoy. ^^
The PHP programming is fairly simple, as is adding the database entries, most of the work goes into making the paperdoll graphics, which involves a lot of work copy+pasting from wow model viewer to paint, then to photoshop, lining them properly on top of each other and cutting away all the skin.

And I'm actually planning on doing a troll and a tauren one as well eventually (considering we're lacking traditional horde in total, and not just orcs), but I still rest with my previous statement. You're both muppets.
Painkillah Wrote:Perhaps you can make a Tauren one. I don't think there's someone out there who just doesn't like Tauren. =D

I don't xD

But of course a lot of people do so, it's an interesting idea.
Freedom is only an allucination. - Anathema
Oh man, I do hope for more female Orcs. The Orcish race is just awesome.
Tyr Wrote:Oh man, I do hope for more female Orcs. The Orcish race is just awesome.

Indeed it is! =) Also, you might notice a (slightly useless) update, the index page now leads to three other pages, of which only the orc one works! xD
Now updated with 100% more troll ladies!

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