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The Lineage of a Noble House
(posters found throughout the blood elven provinces, as well as being announced by some heralds in the lands owned by the Silverfangs.)

Succession by Right of Blood

The Silverfangs, one of the prestigious noble houses of the Blood Elven Kingdom, has had a change in ruler. Kyran Silverfang, Spell-Breaker and heir to the Silverfang household, has succeeded the former Duke Leron Silverfang by right of blood. Lord Silverfang, who has recently fallen quite ill, had designated his first born son, Kyran Silverfang, as his regent. Now, however, Lord Leron's condition has worsened and he has made the decision to pass on the title completely to his son. Long live the new lord! Long live Duke Kyran Silverfang!
[Image: Hiruma_Youichi_banner_by_cynicalkunoichi.jpg]

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