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The Luck of Dallahan Windsweep (RC)
"Just another bloodbag. Just another contract. Easy three hundred.

Turns out, the bloodbag was more than everyone thought. Nevertheless, I stabbed him again and again. Four times, I hit him. First, I slashed his shoulder open, secondly I sank my dagger on his knee, thirdly I cut his other arm open. Finally, I went for the neutralizing hit. I sank my blade between his ribs and span. I could feel his blood overwhelming the lungs. He was about to die.

But that made him desperate. Some trick, more powerful than anything mages ever released against me. II could feel my life energies fading. I fell to the ground.

He raised his spear menacingly above my neck. My body failed me. All my muscles were numb, from the recent zeppelin crash. My arms were still tired from carrying Ophiria. My recently dislodged foot hindered my movements.

It was but a fraction of second, but felt like a eternity. The moment of truth, or so they tell. I reflected about my life on that brief moment. I had no regrets. I was a sailor and a duelist. I was killed in combat, at the sea. What else could I expect?

The bone shaft piercing my neck quickly washed my divagations away. My eternal smile remained. It was hard to keep it, when every fiber of our body wants to just desperately cling to whatever remains of your life. But I kept it, like I always did.

My mind wandered again, as he jumped off the sea, the worried crew surrounding me. Reminded me of the past. But I buried it once again. Figuratively and literally. Wind was dead. Chap-Lain was dead. Kathryn was dead. Everyone was dead, but me.

I lost my smile when my eye opened wide with sudden realization. I desperately tried to keep hold of whatever life there was left on my body and stand up. To stay alive, despite the odds, like I always do.

I failed. I felt cold, for the first time in years. My vision was covered in red and quickly darkened. The sailor's voices were languid moans, distant. All I could hear was the sea. Calling to me.

I was dying. I thought I did not, but I had three regrets.

Being one of them still having a spine."


His dead body was thrown to the docks at Ratchet, the place where he boarded the ship. There, he was met with other members of the mercenary group he joined out of boredom.

Funeral arrangements were made by Korgen and Narog.. Dallahan was not given back to the sea, but buried in a shallow grave near Ratchet.

His death was not exactly kept silent by the Blackhearts or his executioner. Soon, it came to the knowledge of a troll, Bojan. That information eventual reached Mika. That led her to call upon her sister Miruka, a priest to resurrect Dallahan.

Bojan made contact with the earth and found out the location of his grave, as well the tombstone: Dallahan's dagger.

She took the corpse to Stonetalon Mountains, wanting quiet to avoid interruptions during the intricate ritual.

As Dallahan felt great guilt when Miruka helped him before out of altruism, it was set that he should never know about who was behind his resurrection. Aftercare instructions were passed to Mika, who was left watching over his body.

Killer: Astus

Ressurector: Miruka

Short Term Drawbacks (Day 21 to 24):

His voice will become a low, rough whisper, inaudible a few yards away. (I will use [Very Low] on speech)

His breathing capabilities will be greatly hindered. Any sort of physical activity would get him panting breathlessly.

Due the wound on the throat, he will have great difficulty eating anything other than a very light soup.

Long-term Drawbacks (Day 25 to 2)

His voice will have recovered, but will still be low and rough. (I will use [Low] on speech)

Difficulty to eat anything thicker than light stew.

Permanent Drawbacks:

Rougher voice, inability to shout or yell without pain.

Large scar on the neck, where the spear penetrated his flesh.

Difficulty ingesting.

Weakness to Shadow magic. (Not sensibility, but weakness.)
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