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The Nature of Magic in Azeroth
Actually, it can be understood you don't notice a Warlock's aura (You can allow it In-Game if you'd like). To counter this, Paladin's somehow know (I don't know the whole story.) who is a Warlock instantly by being within a certain range, whilst Priests can 'sense' Forsaken (Or the other way around.)

If you don't want your 'aura' to be noticed by characters like hunters or rogues, say so - but I think no matter what, Priests and Paladins have a higher chance of noticing.

If your wondering about mages noticing warlocks, I'd assume a mage can 'feel' magic, but might not be able to recognize if it is demonic or not.

If anything that is outwardly obvious, Paladin's eyes glow and they get an aura when using stronger abilities. I don't know about the other classes.
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Quote:Priests - The Internal

It is often a misconception that a Priest draws power from the object of his belief. For example, that a Human draws power from the Light. This really isn't true, though it comes close in certain cases.

A Priest focuses on the concepts of belief and thought. The Light may not give a Priest true power, but the Priest's *belief* in the Light does. Through mental training, strong belief, and force of will, a Priest can use his own faith and belief to affect the thoughts and beliefs of those around him. This is why the Priest has so many abilities that affect the mind, because his own powers are highly mental in nature.

Because of this, a Priest's power isn't inherently unclean like a Mage's, or inherently clean like a Druid's. Instead, it is a reflection of the Priest's own self and beliefs. A Priest who believes in the Shadow will naturally have powers of a darker nature than one who believes in the Light. The path of a Priest is just as much an exploration of the self as it is a road to power.

I'm a little confused here. Does this basically make Priests the equivalent of a psychic? Most of their power comes from the mind?
The priest's abilities, (at least I think) are not really directly linked with magic asmuch as they are able to summon forth the light, or use mental powers to aid them. While I am not sure if this means they CAN detect just about anyone...I am going to assume.
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Hizu Wrote:I'm a little confused here. Does this basically make Priests the equivalent of a psychic? Most of their power comes from the mind?

First of all, it should be noted that this was written a long time ago. Since then, lore has been retconned, changed, and expanded, so not everything should be taken as gospel.

However, Priest spells are essentially the creation of the Priest's willpower and faith. This part of the class has been stressed. Whether or not this makes them truly "psychic" or "psionic" in nature is up for debate, but the point is that their power comes from their mind and their force of will, not from any outside source.
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Might be worth noting that psionic power is still magical. It's source would just be different.

Hence there isn't much info regarding it as such. Just be..magical.

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