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The "Normal" Character.
Now, something was brought up in chat today, when I actually said that it is preferred to have a normal character on CoTH. What does this mean?

To me, a normal character is any of the standardized races that you start with, Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Draenei, Night Elves, Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Forsaken, and those Blood Elves. A normal character would be someone that fits with the lore that's already been established by Blizzard, and what little tweeks we put in, meaning that, lets say, you decide to play a demon from japanese lore, it -really- wouldn't ever be accepted.

Now, very rarely do people jump to this conclusion. -However-, a lot of people do think that they can play, lets say, a character that has a relationship with an enemy faction that they normally wouldn't. Now, while there are exceptions to the rule (such as Steamwheedle Cartel members), it is highly unlikely this would happen, and therefore would also not be accepted.

This goes for people trying to play non-standard races (any type of NPC that isn't already one of the 10 starting races), playing a lore figure, playing a figure that cannot exist in the WoW universe, playing a character with already established prestige, playing a character that has a very odd or outlandish backstory, playing a character with a very... odd class that isn't standard (that hasn't been already approved by a GM), or playing a character with multiple classes.

Someone had also said that normal is boring. I happen to think that, if you are able to write and roleplay well, you can make normal a hell of a lot of fun. Now, normal does not mean that they are ordinary, or that they can't accomplish great things, normal just means that it fits in the outlines that have been stated throughout the forum.

Normal means that you can be evil, comical, smart, brooding, stupid, sad, heroic, docile, shy, or ANY combination of a vast ammount of emotions, or your character can be something in WoW that you could -never- be in life. I've seen hundreds upon hundreds of profiles that have taken the perfectly normal, and made it -fun-.

Again, what it all comes down to are two different things. What is fun for you to play, and what fits within the rules and established lore. Good luck with your characters, and I hope some people find this useful.

Resources, taken from CoTH's wiki, and rules:



TO ELABORATE ON THIS PAGE: It's a bit outdated, and it says that they are -possible- player races, which means -in the future-. They are not NOW. Crossbows will be fired at you if you try to play 'em now. And fire.

For this link, see rule #5.

And, so you can see what profiles have been accepted to get an idea of what GM's look for, look to this link.


Disclaimer: I am not liable for whatever tone you read this in. This is in no way, shape, or form directed at anyone, it was sparked by a discussion in chat. IF you find that this may relate to you in any manner, then be content in knowing that I used fictional characters that have no relation to anyone living or dead.

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This is great article, Rensin, hopefully it will clear up some of the outlandishness.
I agree with everything said here. Man-five for Sin. Though should be said, Character's who start out normal can end up heroes. Rexx started off as a normal warrior and is now the cheiftain to a 25+ clan.
-Edited for simplicity-

Normal characters are fun to roleplay, fun to roleplay with and.. will definatly give a good impression.
It really just applies to the real interest of a player. In my case, I use my likes and what I need to have in an RP, and try to come as close to lore as possible. Indeed, we do not need to inject some nonsense just to be different.

For one, I take interest in the black orcs of Warhammer. I retrofitted my Orc DK, Regarosh "Riggs" Blackhide with greyish-black skin and put him into the ranks of the Horde Grunts. Being RPed as normal, and other than the fact that he is being chased by the Ebon Blade for going rogue, I can kick ass with a Horde donning Grunt armor but still have that sense of difference, not really going away from rogues since grey skinned orcs are accepted, too.
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