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The Novalight Shin'ari: Elder Council
This is the meeting of The Elder Council of the House of Novalight and Jidaeo and Cerice's Children.

Thalion Novalight
Alteryia Novalight
Zariel Novalight
Xanthe Novalight

This will be for all players involved

The Elder council of the Novalight Shin'ari sits calmly awaiting the coming of the four young elves, trying to once again change a tradition as old as the family's existence. Their proposal was to lead the family with Four Novas instead of one. The Council was suspicious if they could do it, but agreed to hear them out. They sat on large chairs that could almost be a bed. They had their own lace veils and were arranged in a semi-circle facing the doorway which was covered with curtains. There were five elves on the council, all known in the family yet far to old to lead. On the farthest to the left an elf with dark hair typical of Novalights, sat in a simple linen robe. His legs crossed on the chair. He is Felnir Novalight, The son of a great Nova in their day. His father was considered the best, until Jidaeo's grandfather. Next was an elf with white hair wearing an elven dress shirt and tie. His hair was pulled back and his age was beginning to show, unlike the others. His name is Vetai'ryn Novalight, most of his immediate family members appear on the council. He took over after his brothers death many centuries ago. In the middle was the only female, Railyn Hamari Novalight. She was named after the ancestor's daughter. Her father was a follower of the light, and mentored her cousin and close friend Agorine Novalight. The two were a fighting force together. Shortly after Agorine was dubbed The Blood Nova, Railyn had joined the council.

Beside her was an elf in all black silk robes, grey skin and white hair. A former Nova himself, and named after the progenitor of the family; Jidaeo Novalight. He was the father of the young elves, and previously presumed dead. With the help of his uncle he was appointed to hold Agorine's seat on the Council. The last elf is a red haired elf with his hair in a top knot. He sat quietly in an extravagant robe as well. He was the adviser to Jidaeo's grandfather and close friend with Diel'vani. He is Tamerian Novalight Many footfalls can be heard as the elves sit quietly murmuring amongst themselves. "The young ones are approaching," Railyn says, she remains one of the oldest, yet she looks the youngest. She smiles in anticipation as Jidaeo remains quiet. Felnir stares to the elf in black robes while idly smoking from the hookah. Harp music is heard as the children approach.

Railyn's smile fades eyeing the four children, she looks them over one by one. "Alright, introduce yourselves. And why you think you have what it takes to help lead this family. Why should we change our traditions for you?"

The Family Tree

TheBook of ThePharaoh

Pharaoh's Colosseum

The Four Suns Inn

"What are we, as role-players, if not authors in real time?" - MrBubbles

"I've always treated Role-play as Collaborative Writing. Co-authoring the stories of your characters, alongside other people." - Flammos200
The youngest male steps forward his auburn hair tied high in an elven topknot. He bows ceremoniously to the council. "My Elders." He says softly as they return with a slight nod. "I am Zariel Novalight former Nova of the Novalight Shin'ari. I've made mistakes and was victim to Seregon public manipulation. I apologize for my error. However I raised our profits and image high enough to sustain Seregon's attempts. Our philanthropy percentage raised without digging into our profits for the family. I, like my father and grandfather before me know how to acquire successful business for this family. As Nova I would make sure we only stay profitable, I plan to set up businesses in entertainment and war supplies as they will always be required. Where I have made mistakes in the past, my siblings will make sure it doesn't happen. I've learned a lot myself during my time away. I've never felt more qualified for the position. Especially with my siblings by my side." He nods. The elves nod looking to themselves, only Jidaeo keeps his eyes on his children. Felnir looks to another one of the siblings. "And you?"
The Family Tree

TheBook of ThePharaoh

Pharaoh's Colosseum

The Four Suns Inn

"What are we, as role-players, if not authors in real time?" - MrBubbles

"I've always treated Role-play as Collaborative Writing. Co-authoring the stories of your characters, alongside other people." - Flammos200
The eldest steps foreword, looking remarkably like Jidaeo did in his youth, "I'm Thalion Novalight, the eldest of my kin." He clears his throat, "As Nova I would be able to govern the business that we do... well, underground." He looks around takes a deep breath, "I can do this because at a young age I left the family and worked as an assassin for a few hundred years, and I was quite good at it, if I do say so myself. I have connections to the underground of Silvermoon, and the world. With Zariel's aid with finances I would be able to net us more secret profits, and forge underground alliances with other businesses and families. I could also manage espionage for the family, to have access to information that could... ehh... help us, so to speak."

He smiles with confidence and looks over the council, "And most importantly, I've never been caught."
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Xanthe's head swam with words -- some others', some her own -- as she stood to approach the council. She was relieved she did not have to walk much further. She was wearing a new pair of satin slippers and, though they soft, they may as well have been tight iron shoes for all Xanthe cared. It took all of her focus to not kick them off right there in front of the council.

"Now, when you speak before the council, Xanthe," Elihanara had said, "You must look them in the eye. Keep your hands still -- whether you must hold them in front of you or against your side, you must keep them still. Head up. Chin up."

She took a big breath and held her hands tightly in front of her. She smiled up at each council member in turn before bowing.

Mokaku mused for a space before he spoke, "Perhaps dat is your strengt'. You see reason ta learn your surroundings and see new t'ings. Your family's eyes might be closed to da world around dem."

"I am Xanthe Novalight, and I do not come with power or ambitions, with what I could do. I come with what we can do. All of us have our strengths, and if the sun only shines on one, we lose so many talents. So many beautiful talents. My brothers have told you their gifts, and my sister will surely tell you hers. We want this family to succeed, to be strong, and we will do it together. It is not a competition, it is a partnership."

She blushed deeply as she bowed before the council, looking up at her father. She hoped she had not misspoke. With another quick bow, she hurried back to her seat and looked at her feet, wishing they were bare.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
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Alteryia stood still as a bone throughout her three-siblings speaking before her. Each response gave no reaction from her beyond a nod of her head. The responses pleased her, that much was apparent considering she was not cringing. When at last the elders turned their gaze to her, she stepped forward in order to speak. Her voice was hallow, as it always has been.

"I am Alteryia Blightblood." Her eyes were unwavering, staring her father straight in the face for a moment. "I would lead...the battle and protection division of the family to be sure any decisions my siblings make would not cause them to be attacked...or cause any riots. I am able to...sustain myself longer than the uncursed and am able to see with a clear head now that the worlds temptations mean nothing to me."

She took another step closer to the council, her pathetic excuse for armor clanking around. "One...is to fall to temptations. One is to fall into a biased nature in which will harm operations. One will be clouded by their own wants and needs that they ignore anything outside of it. One is why the family will eventually fail because they failed to see the other areas they needed to see."

She paused once more, to be sure her words struck home with the elder council. Once she was sure they understood her, she would again go on. "As four, we will be able moderate each other to be sure every decision is in the best interest of the family. We will be able to complete a part of each other and see the bigger picture together. We will work together to bring light to our family and be sure that the family will remain on top for as long as the sun shall shine."

She steps back and bows her head. "My curse will see to it that this will be true. Once I am no longer needed, I will return to my solitude, but that is not in the foreseeable future. Thank you for your time."
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