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The Old Elf and the Sea

"I'm glad you could make it, Ironraven... This is an odd request, I know, but I'm in need of an odd man to take care of it."

"...An odd man. Is that what I am now? The madman of Ashenvale?"

"You misinterpret my words, Warden. You are a rather diverse person with a diverse collection of followers- those who, while not fit for our work, can certainly still do our people a great service."

"And what service is this exactly? What task does your captain wish to pass along to me?"

"As you understand Hyjal is currently in the throes of war. We can not afford to send out our own forces into the world while we ourselves are still struggling to maintain our hold. This is why I've called upon you and your... Vigil, Ironraven."

[Image: First_zps907296ba.png]

"Come, look into the waters. It will be easiest to explain if you can see as well."

[Image: Second_zpsc4d46f77.png]

"As you know the work of capturing fugitives is usually left to our hands and our hands alone, however given the destination of this particular captive you and your gathering have been considered to be those fitting enough to bring him back."

"Who is this fugitive? Another maddened demon hunter?"

"Not quite. When the Cataclysm struck we lost a number of our prisoners in the midst of the destruction. Alnean Silversear is his name and he is a powerful mage by trade. While the High Priestess allowed the return of some Highborne, Alnean in particular was considered too violent and dangerous of a foe to be removed from his shackles. Before the wars he counted as one of Azshara's most faithful even up until his capture some thousand years later."

"And his destination?"

"Look further, Ironraven."

[Image: Third-Real_zpsed8d12d2.png]


[Image: Third_zps89ef2e71.png]

"The ocean floor, yes... It seems with the Cataclysm there is more to be seen of the world beneath the waves as well as above it. I imagine he has taken to the ocean because he believes it to be one of the few places we will not follow. We will prove him wrong, Ironraven... though understand that there is a reason he has fled to this particular corner of the world. As these ocean floors raised up from the depths at the cataclysm, we were surprised to find more than mere fish. In these waters we have found the remnants of a world long gone."

[Image: Fourth_zpsd01b6788.png]

"Travel in these lands are difficult and, more often than naught deadly given how the currents are likely to drag you down. When you arrive you will have to garner some form of travel. I recommend recruiting a druid or a shaman to help you appease the wildlife and the spirits alike."

[Image: Fifth_zpsaccee1c5.png]

"Understand that this realm is one of mystery... Elune has granted us sight of the sea ancients that reside in this land, which have only confirmed our suspicions as to where Alnean has dared to venture-

[Image: Sixth_zps2f163732.png]

"The Fallen City of Vashj'ir."

[Image: Seventh_zps5d717896.png]

"You, your Vigil, and anyone you can get to accompany you for the cause will go down into the ancient city. You will walk within it's massive halls. You will lay your eyes upon wonders not seen for eons. Do not forget, however, that you will walk into the temple upon it's peak and carve the head clean off of the traitorous swine."

[Image: Eigth_zps52e15697.png]

[Image: OldElf_zpsbfcecc72.png]

[Image: Brave_zpsf5285854.png]

The women and men of the Ashwatch Vigil have ben called to arms to hunt after a highborne criminal of ill repute, however this is no simple task. With his hideaway located in the ancient city of Vashj'ir it will take no small amount of skill, intelligence, wisdom, and luck in order to track down this criminal.

Along with the Ashwatch, however, are a number of others. Members of the Alliance from all around who command enough respect and prowess are open to join the elven forces as they make their way down into a land that hasn't graced the sunlight for over 10,000 years.

[Image: OOC_zpsa6ab3ce3.png]

Those who wish to join in the ranks of the Ash Watch for this watery mission should PM me (Krilari) over the forums. Your PM does not have to follow any specific format, however it should include the following:

*Character Name
*Availability (What Time is best for you.)
*Reasoning for your character to join in the event line.

By sending me this PM, you also are agreeing to a list of small and reasonable rules regarding what's to occur during the event. If you have any questions then I encourage you to post here and I will reply with as much haste as I can conjure.

*Respect. In-Character Drama is wonderful. Out-Of-Character Drama is unacceptable.
*Location. Remember that these events will keep your character within Vashj'ir for about a week. Leaving the event area may result in IC or OOC repercussions.
*Awareness. Remember that the Night is Dark and full of Terrors.

[Image: Those_zps7ffebba0.png]
Lillisea Wildsong
Linevi Duskfeather
Kalah Ironraven
Aeros Blackstone
Franziska Shadowstar
Qulandrus Deepwarden
Asteria Silvertide


My thanks extends to those of the Ashwatch Vigil who have voiced their opinions and suggestions that have led to the event's development. As well I would pass my thanks especially towards Rini and Reigen for both of their advice in developing the story's arc as a whole.
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Fantastic idea. Utterly and entirely unique... I've -got- to find an alt for this.
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]
I noticed a lot of people like the post. If you like it, you ought to sign up for it!

More victims for the whale shark
Not sure which character to enter... Riven, my worgen DK, would seem logical a choice, as the undead dun really care about things like "breathing," though she's definitely a bit of a drama hound with how cross she is.

Is there a ballpark for when the event might happen? I might just try to get some of my ideas for a dwarf shaman more developed if there's enough time for me to get comfortable with her.
At the moment the general dates I'm looking at it somewhere around the 18th-20th to the 25th-27th. Ideally the event's going to cater to somewhere around ten to fifteen people calmly with various mini-events and such RPs being hosted throughout the week to cater to folks with different time zones. At the moment I'm simply trying to gather an interest so that I can properly plot out when I should host some of the major events in a way that would allow the most to attend.
(09-11-2013, 01:16 PM)Reigen Wrote: I noticed a lot of people like the post. If you like it, you ought to sign up for it!

More victims for the whale shark

I decided to fight that whale shark once. I was eaten. Instantly. Don't do it.

Ad I dunno who I would send! I'll think about something I guess!
(09-11-2013, 01:16 PM)Reigen Wrote: I noticed a lot of people like the post. If you like it, you ought to sign up for it!

More victims for the whale shark

I like - no, love - the idea, but unfortunately I cannot join due to my incoming absence...
Active Characters:
Velennia - Anchorite. Has a strange liking for tea.
Vynthia Blackfire - Magistrix. Craves sightseeing.
Vanessa Briarthorn - Seemingly timid housewife. Enjoys painting.

[Image: Naga_zps82a31dd3.png]
Review and Report

Date: 9/16/2013
Time: 10:00 Server Time.
Length: 3 Hours, 30 Minutes.

The Recap:

After spending some time in idle conversation and planning Anthrion, accompanied by Neoskiya, Franziska, Kalah, Aroes, Araeviss, Ceneth, and Qulandrus were visited by a rogue owl which bore a message- a distress call. A quick march brought them all along the Zoram Strand where the crew under Revera Moonsail had been surrounded by naga. While the threats were dismissed by the time they arrived, Revera was still in a need: her ship was lost beneath the waves and she quite insisted on getting it back. The Ashwatch begrudgingly accepted.

Not long after arriving they found the boat encompassed in a small bubble of air- enough to keep the lone mariner trapped within alive and well as a naga siren tortured and twisted her. While the Ashwatch engaged they soon found them under the effects of some odd poison, forcing a swift end to the battle. As the poison worked it's magic each member of the Vigil found themselves turned into highborne as they went through a series of visions, following the highborne to their transformation to a naga. Of course, this was merely a distraction for the siren to have her way while they slept. What wounds they cast were mended and each member was tied up just in time for them to step out of their reverie. What she hadn't considered, however, was the ability for mages and Watchers to blink through reality. In an eye's flutter both Kalah and Araeviss freed themselves- and subsequently everyone else- from the rope's tie. In the matter of a few swift movements the lonely siren was cut down to size with blades and magic all alike.

With the siren dead the few in the group with a mender's touch took to the lonesome crewmember on the boat, reviving her from unconsciousness rather swiftly. After a quick back and forth and a bit of magic the ship was released from the bottom of the sea and sent upwards. Relieved and frankly, ecstatic, Revera agreed to give the Ashwatch a ferry to their target destination- Vashj'ir.
[Image: Cast_zps59a14025.png]
Wednesday, September 18th at 10:00 AM Server Time
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Before anything else I would like to apologize for my inactivity as of recent. Between social, school, family and other such lives I've been left with a lack of time for CotH for a short time. However, all the same, I hope to be falling out of this rut sometime soon which will leave me a bit more time to dedicate to this outing. So far I know things have been somewhat quiet within the cave, and to that I wish to make a request. to those of you who have signed up I encourage, if not plead, you to log on and make yourself available. Even if you're left sitting in the cave for a time, others may log on and join you. Numbers stack up quickly as soon as some realize where the RP can be found. As well I encourage you all to go out and explore, host mini-events to your liking if it so fits you. Of course all the while I have every intention of continuing along with the main event. With that said...

[Image: Tranq_zps2fcfb5c7.png]

Wednesday, September 25th at 10AM Server Time.

If you look at this post and find yourself interested yet are still not involved, I am still wholly open to newcomers!
[Image: Sanc_zps01d28602.png]
Wednesday, October 2nd at 10:00AM Server Time.
"It's been a matter of months now. What advancement have you made, Anthrion?"

"We have a cave for operation settled just at the foot of the ruins, We've made a few excursions out into the ruins, but my volunteers along with myself are still uncomfortable with existing beneath the waves let alone fighting in them."

"...I see. I can't say your minimal progress is impressive, Ironraven. The Shadow Wardens are contemplating finding someone more capable to handle this task."

"Much the same I can't say you superiors are unfounded, but this task is by no means an easy on- not to mention we have little to no support there. Petty as it may sound, one can exist on fish and boiled water for only so long."

"Mmmh... You think proper support will help then? What did you have in mind?"

"A connection home- a portal. I know the Highborne and their students are more than capable. Give me one or two, enough to open a portal home. This will allow me to call upon the rest of my watch easily, not to mention it will offer a boost of morale to see Elune's eyes in the sky once more."

"Then you'll have a magus and a handfull of our sentinels to keep eye to be sure you get things done."

"I understand."

[Image: Reigin_zps41c8ddb4.png]
[Image: ScreenShot2013-11-27at85853PM_zpsf1a24abd.png]

November 30th, 5PM Server Time.
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Finally we get a good cook.
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